A Step by Step Guide to House Extension

It’s very usual to feel that your home is not enough to accommodate your complete family and your entire luggage. However, you cannot always opt for buying a big new home that has enough space. You will not have the budget to buy a house immediately. However, there is another solution that is preferable to buying a new home.

It’s about extending your home. However, extending your home is not about adding space randomly or building a new room in it.

You have to do proper homework for that purpose. Home extension Planning Drawings Southampton, Wales, Winchester, Totton, and other nearby cities and states is the best way to start home extension. Several other things also have to be done for a perfect extension. Let’s figure out these steps one by one.

Defines the Scope of Extension

The first thing that you have to do is to define the scope of your extension. First of all, take a look at your plans. Focus on what are the places where you want an extension. Then pay attention to your goals which are related to this development of your home. After that, keep in mind the scope of extension.

You have to think realistically about what goals will be achieved after extending your home. Moreover, you will also pay heed to think about benefits. This will explain the scope of your planned extension.

Check for Extension Budget

The second step is to check the budget you have to extend your home. You have to manage all the things within this budget. Take account of every single penny of your allocated budget when planning an extension. If you are low on budget, you will go for more affordable plans. Similarly, you will opt for only necessary things.

Hire Architectural and Structural Experts

You cannot do all things on your own. You have to hire some experts for that purpose. Hiring architectural experts will allow you to design the extension plan. Then you will have to take assistance from structural experts for discussing the goal of working on the extension. When hiring them, prefer those who are insured, licensed, experienced, highly qualified, and under your budget.

After combined assistance from both structural and architectural sides, you will have a plan in your hand. This plan will contain everything about the extension of your home. Where you will install the extension, and how you will do this, the plan will have all the information.

Planning Drawings Southampton
Planning Drawings Southampton

Approval of Extension Plan

This is the most essential step when planning an extension. After having the plan in your hand, you will have to get it approved by all authorities. Present your extension plan to community authorities and other mandatory authorities. They will check it and then approve it.

Getting it approved is necessary to avoid any legal issues. In most countries and states, it is a law that you need to approve every sort of extension work that is more than 3 meters. You have to take permission from your neighbours as well after discussing the plan with them. All these things are valid by rules and regulations.

Starting the Home Extension Work

After setting a fixed plan and getting it approved by all required authorities, it’s time to step on the main track. Now you have to start your extension work. The building and structural department will assist you in developing the extension in your home. The more significant role will be played by building experts. They have to install your paper plan for extension in your home. Hire only experts and insured building experts for that purpose.

Finish it Off

It’s the last step of extending your home. You have to finish the whole work in this step. Finishing things is as important as starting and working on the entire extension plan. Make sure that everything has been done according to your plan. Moreover, check everything is in perfect plan and doesn’t need any further amendments in the near future.


Now it will be easy for you to extend your home. From House Extension Drawings Guildford to working on the plan and finishing things, we have guided you all the way. Follow every single step for extension and get things done with perfection.