Things to Consider Before Buying a CCTV Camera

As the need for security has increased, CCTV cameras have also evolved largely. They have substantially changed in the last few years. Although they are not an “essential” part of everybody’s life; the growing crime rate around the world is gradually making them a necessity.

Looking through the collection of different CCTV security systems might make you feel a bit intimidated. The choices are endless and they all compose different features and technologies. Therefore, knowing what you are looking for, is very important. Have a brief idea about what you really need and then invest in one.

Likewise, you can also look for expert advice from a CCTV Installation Kensington expert team as they can help you make the right choice.

Tips for Choosing the Best CCTV Security Camera:

Your CCTV security systems are not just cameras and recorders. They have advanced largely and offer a lot more than just recording. With high-level security like night-vision recording, intrusion detection, and much more; the right CCTV camera can certainly uplift your home’s security like none other.

This is why, before you invest in one, you must be very confident about the choice you are planning to make. And here is how that can be achieved:

Why do you need a CCTV system?

First things first; why are you planning to invest in a CCTV system? Evaluation of your needs before making a purchase is important. Thus, ask yourself why you are planning to make this investment. Do you want it to be installed outdoors or indoors? What type of CCTV are you looking for? What features must it have? Research as much as you can, to determine the need for yourself.

CCTV Installation Kensington
CCTV Installation Kensington

What Type of CCTV is best for your home?

Now, once you know why you need a CCTV camera system, it is time to evaluate the type that would be best for you. For this, you have to consider the lens, zoom, and resolution of the security camera.

Firstly, when looking at the camera, you must know that there are 3 types of CCTV cameras; analogue, high definition, and internet protocol cameras. High definition and Internet Protocol cameras are usually high in demand in the market as they have an amazing resolution. They make it easier to identify intruders and work exceptionally well in low-lighting as well.

Secondly, when assessing the resolution, it is best to opt for cameras that range between 5 to 8MP. 2MP is quite low resolution, especially for nighttime recordings. Likewise, the ability of the camera to zoom in and zoom out is equally important. Digital and optical zooms are the two most basic zoom types and you can determine them by the lens of the camera.

Installation Process:

Hiring professional CCTV Installation Ealing experts for fitting your CCTV system is very important. But before that, you have to determine whether you are looking for indoor installation or outdoor.

For instance, if you are planning to install the CCTV camera outdoors, then it must be waterproof and dust resistant. Many CCTV systems have built-in heating systems to keep them functioning optimally in cold weather too. Thus, before investing in a CCTV camera, you need to make sure that you are choosing one that suits your environment perfectly.

Data Storage:

Next up, you need to consider the data storage of the system. You can easily get 16GB to 1 TB storage in CCTV cameras these days. Many systems also allow you to increase the storage, by adding an additional hard drive to it. Assess your needs and research the storage before choosing a security camera for yourself.


Considering the above-mentioned 4 aspects is extremely crucial to make sure that you invest in the right system for your home. Securing your property is vital these days, given that we are living in a world where the crime rate is extremely high. You don’t want to put your kids or yourself at potential risk.

With the help of a high-quality CCTV camera system, you can easily boost your security and protect your premises impeccably well. Once done, you can hire professional CCTV Installation Kensington experts to install the cameras for you. Do not try to fit them on your own. For optimal performance, it is best if experts do their tasks.