Is University Canada West Suitable Option for International Students?


When we discuss about the best university abroad so we get many options for university. But when we see many options so we easily get confused and can not decide better university. And when we discuss it in our friend circle so also we get many universities option from different-different countries. 

When we search on Google and discuss in our friend circle so we get countries options like Canada, UK, China, Brazil, USA, US, and South Africa. But we discuss it in deep so we get Canada country option is the best option. Because in this country you get sure better education environment and better teaching methods. And Canada country is more affordable than other countries while you can also choose any other country for higher education. 

Now we discuss about good universities in Canada so also we get a few famous and popular names like University Canada West, University of Alberta, Conestoga College, University of Windsor, University of Waterloo, and McMaster University. We can consider these universities’ names in famous universities in Canada because we get these universities’ names on the top in Canada. But when we discuss about one best and most popular universities in these universities so we get the University Canada West name. Because this university is famous for better teaching methods and better education. 

So today in this article we will discuss about this university and why University Canada West is the best for you? And why University Canada West is a Suitable Option for International Students, especially Indian students?

University Canada West

University Canada West is founded in the year 2004 in Vancouver, Canada. This university is a business and technology-oriented institution. UCW offers courses for undergraduate and postgraduate for local and international students. 

UCW offers career-based courses and all courses are developed and designed by experts and according to the student’s understanding. So students can improve and gain their own knowledge, skills, and abilities. And University Canada West offers a wide range of courses like the Online Master of Business Administration, MBA foundation, MBA-ACCA Pathway, Master of business administration, and Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, Associate of Arts, Online Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, Bachelor of Commerce. 

UCW has two campuses in Vancouver that is West Pender Campus and the new state-of-the-art Vancouver House Campus. UCW is the fastest-growing university with strong and famous local and international links. 

Facilities of University Canada West 

If you choose UCW so you can get better facilities and you can get easy access to university campuses by public transport. And Vancouver city is famous for its natural beauty and culture. And Vancouver is the first choice for international students for especially  Indian students. Vancouver is the first choice of most people for livable. 

UCW University offers various facilities for all students so that all students can achieve their own academic goals and personal pursuits. 

  • Centre of Career Development 
  • Workshops and Social events 
  • Advice for Academic 
  • Centre for Learning Success
  • Peer2Peer program
  • Learning for Success workshops and New Student Orientation 
  • Centre of Teaching Excellence

Key Benefits of University Canada West

  • Pick-ups services from the airport
  • Scholarships for international and local students
  • 24/7 Library available
  • Impressive Laboratory 
  • Better faculty
  • Impressive facilities
  • Better teaching environment