How to Prevent Students From Being Distracted by Smartphones?    

It’s the age of technology, partially full of benefits but also taking over a man’s productivity. Especially students, yes, you heard that right, students seem to enjoy it the most. Have you wondered if this is a good thing for them or not? Okay, it’s all fun and games until it becomes a distraction for you. And we are not stereotyping the whole technology but the cellphones – or smartphones, to be more precise. 

It all started when they launched the first smartphone in 1994—feeling old yet? Well, it does make many of us feel old. You might be thinking that if we have had phones since ’94, why only today’s generation is affected by them? That’s the first thing you are supposed to erase from your mind; it’s not just about them. Everyone is addicted to their phones. Be it kids, adults, even the old fellas too. 

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Why only tutees?

The reason why this debate generally surrounds students is that their mind is more fragile than adults. Research provided by mental health Dissertation proofreading services UK states that the excessive use of gadgets can cause a lot of psychological issues. It might not be a big concern for many of us because it initially doesn’t work like a genuine addiction. But it does make you sick. Besides, they also need to get a hold of their life to become a little more responsible. 

Studies suggest that 27% of cellphone owners are around the age of 11 to 14 years old. These kids never turn their phones off, not even before bedtime, or maybe they simply can’t manage screen time. Well, aren’t we expecting too much from eleven years old? Whatever the reason is, we better watch out for them.

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Prevention is Better than Cure!

We hope that you have acknowledged our concern, it’s about time that shall move forward. In the following article, we’ll let you know how you can prevent students from being distracted by smartphones. 

Extra activities 

We know that this is nothing new every school has such activities to keep their students more productive. But the question is,why are students still unable to improvise if we do have such activities? There might be something they lack, right? Whether it’s a distraction caused by smartphones or any other gadgets. 

Being a teacher, you are supposed to keep track of your pupil’s activities. Because at the end of the day, you’ll be responsible for their grades, shortcomings, and every other related thing. 

Appreciate them for taking part in different activities so that it can boost their self-esteem. If you are teaching at a college or university level, the best activity for your students is providing proofreading services UK. This will not only let them utilize their time, but they can also earn a handsome amount of money. What can be better than that? 

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The cellphone agreement 

Not every institution allows smartphones in class. Some of them don’t even allow it on the institution’s premises, no-question-asked. However, we hardly witness its implementation, so we need “the cellphone agreement.”

Each standard should have its rules and regulations accordingly. Even if your student has bought his phone in class, politely ask him to switch it off and hand it over to you. These things need to be written in the agreement alongside punishments. Various students tend to break the rules just for the sake of it, hence, they must not be entertained. If someone breaks the school’s policy or any rule, he should be better beware of the consequences. 

The usage of phones should only be allowed when it’s needed, apart from that. We don’t think they need to bring these gadgets to the schools. more info

The positive approach

Aside from not every student works similarly, they all love to be praised. Or if you give them some extra points, they’ll try their best to improve their grades for the next time. You must be wondering why we are mentioning it all. The easiest way to prevent students from being distracted is to let them know they’ll get extra points for doing that. 

After all, it’s the effort that counts, right? If they can manage to stay away from their phone, or at least try not to overuse them, they win — as simple as it sounds. Plus, it can be a fun activity if you encourage them to practice after school too. Of course, you won’t know if they are telling the truth, but you can get their parents on board, right? 

This can make a big difference if you think about it that way. The more they stay away from a phone, the more time they’ll get to invest in something meaningful said by researchers of

Create awareness 

Creating awareness about certain topics can be hard for an individual since it requires more attention and time. However, for educational institutions, it should be a serene process. You can organize conferences on different subjects and encourage students to participate. Students must know how to work on their lifestyle, and how they can become more productive and responsible citizens. 

In these seminars and conferences, you can teach everyone how they can lower the usage of these devices. Plus, how they can prevent others from doing the same. They need to learn that it’s not just about the cellphones but everything that affects our mental and physical abilities. 

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A kindergartner whose parents keep him busy with the tablets — needs to learn it the most. No, this isn’t a hypothesis but a reality. Today’s parents might think the best way to keep a child busy is to hand him a gadget. This is completely incorrect, by the way. Your child needs you more than he needs technology. 

You can do whatever is in your power to make this world a better place. Change the thought that an individual can’t make a big impact. And replace it with “everyone can make a huge impact. So how about we should start from ourselves?

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