Hyundai Ioniq 6 with virtual rear view mirror, factory photos released, possible introduction in Taiwan in the second half of 2023

After releasing a series of teaser videos and concept sketches, Hyundai 2023 has announced that it will be releasing more information on its second E-GMP EV, the Ioniq 6, before the end of June. However, the first full photos of the car have been released on the internet ahead of the official announcement, allowing everyone to get a glimpse of the car. According to U-CAR, the Ioniq 6 is not in Namyang’s product pipeline this year, as the company has set the pace for a yearly release, so the Ioniq 6 is not expected to be released in the domestic market until 2023.

The Ioniq 6 is a sleek, streamlined design, a stylish four-door coupé to enter the electric vehicle market, and a product that is both distinctive and aerodynamic.

Streamlined four-door coupé design with sporty style and aerodynamic effect
First of all, the Ioniq 6, as previously announced, has a sleek, aerodynamic, teardrop-like shape based on the Prophecy concept car. With the appearance of the factory drawings, it is clear that the Ioniq 6 is a more streamlined four-door coupé than the traditional four-door sedan, which is not only more aerodynamic but also more handsome.

The eye-catching rear light clusters and the large rear wing give the Ioniq 6 a distinctive styling.
The same pixelated head and tail light elements that characterise the new generation of the Ioniq 5 and Staria are also present in the Ioniq 6. At the rear, the pixel clusters are arranged more horizontally, with the number of clusters reduced from four in Ioniq 5 to two, to emphasise the sporty look and the highly recognisable lighting aesthetic with the rear brake cluster.

The headlamps are also pixelated, with the overall profile of the headlamps in the classic HyundaiCoupe style.
If you look at the overall front end, headlamp cluster and body lines from a distance, you will be able to sense the Ioniq 6’s aesthetic, which is a clear homage to the Hyundai Coupe, just as the Ioniq 5’s styling elements are a homage to the classic Pony.

Virtual rear view mirror design is a highlight
The most striking feature of the exterior is the virtual rear view mirror design, which replaces the traditional mirror rear view function with a camera lens, bringing an avant-garde look to the exterior.

However, as previously reported by U-CAR, the Ioniq 5 was launched in the UK as a special car with a virtual rear view mirror, so it is yet to be confirmed whether the Ioniq 6 will be fitted as standard or only on special models. Whether the Ioniq 6 will be fitted as standard or only on special models remains to be seen.

The virtual rear-view mirror is one of the highlights of the Ioniq 6’s styling, and a close-up view shows the detailing of the integrated rear-view camera lens and directional lights.

The steering wheel is the same as that of the Ioniq 5, with the centre module being designed to correspond to the dual side screens of the virtual rear view mirror, which is the main difference.
The Ioniq 6 also features a digital driver’s instrument cluster and a centre screen. The factory details have not yet been released, but it should be the same 12.3-inch format as the Ioniq 5, but with a closer dual-screen layout.

According to our understanding, the introduction of the electric sub-brand Ioniq by Nanyang Industries is planned on a yearly basis, and the remainder of the factory has only revealed the Ioniq 6 in photos. U-CAR will continue to follow up on more complete information about the Ioniq 6, including whether the virtual rearview mirror is standard on all models and information about the Taiwan import.