How to Get the Most Out of Your Air Conditioner

You can get the most out of your air conditioner by doing a few simple things. Using your air conditioner sensibly can protect you from various problems. Constantly striving for maximum cooling efficiency is essential. We list four main steps to help you get there.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

The ideal temperature for a cooling unit is 78 degrees. You may want to decrease the temperature to cool your home faster, but cooling systems work the same anyway. Programmable thermostats are becoming more popular as they can boost AC efficiency. Few things can beat a programmable thermostat in preventing energy waste.

Keep Your Curtains Drawn

Natural light can reduce lighting costs. If a room is occupied, close the curtains during the day. This is beneficial for the west- and east-facing homes. Direct sunlight entering your home can reduce the cooling unit’s efficiency. Open your curtains or blinds at night to let heat escape through your windows and optimize your cooling.

Replace Your Filter

Overly clogged air filters can be a problem. Changing your AC filter often can reduce inefficiency and prevent it from worsening. Keep your air filters clean to avoid time-consuming and frustrating cooling unit failures. Professional AC maintenance can be beneficial. Skilled technicians can maintain your cooling system. They prevent cooling issues.

Make Sure Your AC Isn’t in Direct Sunlight

It is recommended that the “north” point of your home be the location of your central system. Nonetheless, if this isn’t possible, try setting up your air conditioner near desirable trees or bushes. Doing so boosts residential cooling efficiency. Plus, the protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is another benefit of having some shade nearby.

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