What You Can Do for Your AC’s Maintenance

Benefiting from an efficient air conditioner at home can be a pleasant experience. Suppose you want to give yourself the best chance of avoiding AC problems. In that case, regular maintenance may be a good idea. An air conditioner can be as dependable and efficient as possible when adequately maintained. Let’s go through the steps in brief.

Don’t forget to turn off the power.

Electricity is dangerous. It’s also dangerous to be near cooling unit components. Turn off the power to avoid danger. Focus on the compressor. If there’s a box, uncheck it. Then enter. You need to turn off the circuit breaker.

Remove debris and check for crooked fins.

Remove the fan cage from the outside compressor. Remove fasteners with a wrench or screwdriver. Raise the fan grill/cage and keep it away from the unit’s top. Remove leaves and debris manually or using a vacuum. Now remove the outer covers. Use your vacuum brush to remove dirt and garden hose the fins. Make sure to avoid pressure washing.

Fins can reduce airflow and efficiency. To avoid that, focus on curved fans. Using a butter knife, make them even again. Avoid aggression. Don’t damage the fin tubes.

Clean the section close to the unit and check for evenness.

After cleaning, replace the present fan cage. Collect debris near the condenser. In winter, remember to cover the unit’s top. Avoid hiding the unit’s edges. Why? Because the buildup of condensation inside can cause annoying corrosion. Pests often invade hidden ACs.

Uneven condensers cause breakdowns. Check the condenser’s evenness. Use rot-proof shims. These can restore condenser balance.

Take priority coil cleaning.

It’s time to visit the indoor furnace. Find the evaporator coil access panel. Smoothly brush off coil dust. Use a coil cleaner that doesn’t require rinsing. Clean the drain with soap and hot water. Bleach helps too. Add a cup of bleach and water to the drain. Get a new, clean evaporator drain clog. Replace old blower filters. This is something you should do at least twice a year.

Activate the power supply now.

Once you have completed the tasks above, you can turn on your electricity again. You may also want to consider hiring an HVAC professional for upcoming AC maintenance needs.