Wordle Alternatives

Wordle has caused some fans of The New York Times to worry that its acquisition is going behind a paywall, but don’t despair; there are plenty of fun and inventive alternatives out there to keep you occupied while solving daily grids.

Qourdle is an easy and enjoyable Wordle spin-off that lets you play an endless number of games. Like its original, Quordle contains four to 11 letter words with squares turning green or yellow depending on your guesses.


Quordle is a daily word puzzle similar to Wordle, with nine attempts required to guess four five-letter words within nine attempts. While its rules remain similar, Quordle provides more options and a deeper challenge for serious gamers.

The game’s user interface (UI) has been designed for accessibility and ease of use. When entering letters, all four grid spaces display with color hints (green means correct space, yellow means incorrect but in word and gray indicates it does not belong anywhere). You can also view your stats either from your device or browser.


Octordle is an offshoot of Wordle that adds another level of difficulty by giving players 13 guesses for solving eight words. Players also receive hints which change color depending on the quality of their guesses – green, yellow or gray depending on whether their guesses were successful.

Kenneth Crawford created Wordle+ to offer advanced Wordle players more of a challenge. Drawing inspiration from Dordle (where you guess two word puzzles simultaneously) and Quordle (where players guess four secret words simultaneously), Kenneth Crawford created this game that will test both your skill and strategy in fun ways. This game is an engaging way to put both to the test!

Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited is a fun game that emulates the NY Times word puzzle but offers more freedom of play. Users can customize links and change word lengths within games.

It offers an expansive word library to ensure players will always have enough words available to them, sharpening cognitive skills and honing problem-solving abilities while improving spelling through mindful letter frequencies.

Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is an educational word guessing game designed to let players guess a word in six tries with colored blocks to display progress. Green blocks indicate when letters are in their proper places while yellow ones indicate when a letter exists but needs correct placement.

This game allows users to select any length mystery word they desire – from four to 11 letters long – as well as providing two modes, “Today’s” and random.


Wordle is popular among gamers, while Antiwordle aims to force users to guess incorrect words for as long as possible.

The letters in this game turn gray when not part of a word, yellow when they are and red if they are not part of any particular phrase – making the experience both engaging and challenging! This adds another level of fun and challenge for gamers of any skill level!


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Wordle’s daily puzzle limit may become tiresome for dedicated players, but there are numerous Wordle spinoffs to keep your brain active and stimulated.

Sweardle is a Wordle parody that substitutes five-letter words with four-letter expletives. Additionally, there is a “yassification” feature where new words will be added daily.

Octordle combines elements of Boggle and Tetris for an addictive word game and spatial planning experience, perfect for testing vocabulary skills as well as spatial planning expertise. Available for both iOS and Android platforms.


Framed is one of the latest browser-based puzzle games that challenges players to solve a puzzle using limited guesses. Each day offers a different movie still and you have five chances to solve it before it disappears forever.

Framing is an invaluable way of understanding communication. It enables us to gain an insight into how others view the world around them and can reveal which aspects are being highlighted or neglected.

Wordle in Other Languages

Since Wordle became a viral game, fans have taken to reengineering its code in other languages – like Termo – in order to create versions with daily visitor numbers rivalling that of its original English version!

Once it had gained momentum, however, its creator turned it over to all players worldwide.


Dordle is an enjoyable variation on Wordle, challenging players to guess two words at the same time and providing free play mode that refreshes daily.

The game offers an effective way to both relax and expand vocabulary, though one potential drawback for some may be only being able to refresh once per day.