How To Get Started Playing Gomoku

Gomoku is a game of two players, where players move pieces around a board. Gomoku is played by a single player taking turns placing white and black pieces on the board in order to make a continuous 5-piece line in either direction. Both players take turns during the game with each placing one of their stones on the board on the turn. Well, this game has 2 players competing to put 5 stones in a row on a 15×15-grid board first.  This article goes in-depth about how to play Gomoku.

While you are trying to put the 5 stones in a row, the other player has to cover a path or a pattern in order to win Gomoku. To win a freestyle Gomoku, each player has to aim to make a line of five or more stones each turn. In any size board, Gomoku is a game of M, N, and K, so the first player known can force either victory or draw. In the game Gomoku, the player receiving the first move has the advantage over the second player, increasing his/her chances to win.

A player may go through the Gomoku game, one by one, while one player fills the chances, then the other player may receive his or her chances as they enter. Both players receive an alternative chance to play their turns, starting with their opponents. Gomoku How To Play, The second player then picks the color they will be playing, and Freestyle Gomoku continues. An early game in which the open player puts the first three stones (black, white, and red) on any part of the board, and their opponent then pick the color they wish to play.

The player that is going to begin the game, that is, your opponent, gets to take the black pieces, while you are given the white pieces. At the beginning of the game, the first player (black) places their stones right on the center of the board (H8). The two players alternate placing a shaded stone at a point where the tiles intersect. Now, the second player may choose to play with one of their three options; to play with white, play with black, or place a different set of stones on the board, then allow the first to play with that color.

A player may place two additional stones, one black and one white, and let the first player pick the color rather than making decisions themselves, once they have analyzed the game. The starting rules are aSwap2: The starting player places two black pieces and one white piece, and the opponent has a choice of playing black, playing white, or adding an extra stone of each color and giving the choice back to the starting player. Connect(m,n,k,p,q) games are another generalization of freestyle Gomoku on a board with MxN crossings, K is needed for winning a row, P stones are placed by each player, and Q stones are placed by the first player only on their first move. The player with 5 in a row wins the bout. Know more

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To play Gomoku you can head on to and play with your friends for free. With Gomoku Let us go, we have yet another well-respected and classical board game now available to be played on the Switch. In some form, you can now play Chess, Shogi, Go, Backgammon, and Gomoku on a console, and I would say these five games are the closest thing you have to canon as far as serious, classic board games are concerned. We hope this article answered all your questions about how & where to play Gomoku.