What kind of degree courses are available in Singapore in 2022?

Singapore is considered one of the best places to pursue an undergraduate programme because it is known to provide students with the original university format learning just like rabbeted academic institutes in other study abroad destinations. Studying for a bachelor’s degree in Singapore can allow you to update knowledge and skills at par with candidates enrolled in a European or American college, with better prospects of fostering a first-hand awareness of the workspace.

A majority of universities offering degree programmes in 2022 are ranked in the list of the world’s top 100 universities and are globally recognised for their ability to help students undergo continuing education and prepare for a successful career. Keep scrolling to find out more about the wider array of degree courses in Singapore and their typical assessment processes.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) business studies

This is a unique programme offered in Singapore that prepares you to help companies solve complex issues and improve their management and business practices.

Bachelor of Science in aviation business administration

This undergraduate degree can help you learn from experienced, industry professionals to make effective business decisions and similar the impact of the same to maintain a balance within the company.

Global bachelor of business administration

This bachelor’s programme is tailor-made to help you acquire leadership skills that are necessary for both career and personal development, which allows you to meet people from all backgrounds and nationalities and develop an international profile that is sought after by employers.

Bachelor of Science in international hospitality management

This immersive, international course primarily focuses on helping you get a solid foundation in hospitality operations, entrepreneurship, innovation, business strategy and applied management theory.

Bachelor in the international fashion business

This Singaporean undergrad degree is perfectly curated for accidents who have an interesting fashion and aim to work as part of a business that exudes a creative environment, making room for global employability.

Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in logistics and transport management

The course curriculum of this undergraduate course is structured for students who aspire to work as logistics operations managers and have a deep interest in the transport sector.

Bachelors in accounting and finance

This course is apt for students who want to excel at budget control, decision making and financial planning operations, besides acquiring industry-friendly management accounting skills.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in computer science

These undergraduate courses are designed to help students meet challenging transformations within the digital world. You will get the opportunity to gain relevant programming and software development skills.

Bachelors in cyber security and networks

Completing this programme will allow you to gain expertise in handling risk management and cyber threat intelligence-related protocols.

Enrolling on any of the above-mentioned courses will require you to demonstrate your high school test scores on standardised mathematics and science, in addition to the grades earned in the international English proficiency tests, for students who belong to non-English speaking countries. Pick your favourite programme on our website and sign up for a course today!