How Night Guards Prevent Teeth Grinding?

If you have ever experienced severe headaches or painful jaws, but unfortunately, you don’t get any solution to get rid of this problem, you could experience a situation called bruxism. Bruxism is a type of situation in which you clench, grind or gnash your teeth. You unconsciously grind your teeth during your sleep. Teeth grinding could cause damage to your teeth and jaw. So, it is pretty essential to plan an appointment with Dentist Cranbourne North. One of the best ways to avoid teeth grinding is by wearing night guards. It is a type of mouthpiece that you require to wear during your sleep for an effective protective layer between lower and upper teeth. It would prevent teeth grinding and would also avoid any damage to your teeth during sleep.

Night Guard protection For Teeth

A sleeping night guard is the most effective way to avoid teeth grinding. But are you thinking about how night guards will avoid teeth grinding? For that, you need to schedule an appointment with a doctor. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth, and will send it to the lab. They will have a nightguard specifically designed for you. They are the best protection method as it works effectively by forming a barrier between your lower and upper teeth. Wearing these night guards during sleep would prevent teeth grinding and future dental visits.

A night guard would also help to avoid severe headaches or any type of pain or discomfort in your teeth and jaw. It would effectively enhance your sleep quality. It would also help you to wake up in a refreshing mood instead of waking up in pain. Teeth grinding is a very hard habit to stop, especially when you are under huge stress. Since different patients possess different teeth patterns, a night guard is specifically for every patient by customizing it to fit into your teeth without any risk of discomfort.

Benefits Of Getting The Correct Night Guard:-

Nightguard has several benefits and it mainly prevents teeth grinding. It offers you great relief from teeth clenching and grinding problems. Here are some other benefits of night guards that could make you healthy.

  1. Avoid plaque development

It greatly helps in trapping bacteria over the gum’s surface while you are asleep as saliva can’t enter into gums while wearing a nightguard. Saliva highly neutralizes acids that could lead to cavities. It also drains off food particles, hence, prevents plaque development and also prevents teeth grinding. Therefore, it would be best to consult a dentist when searching for a night guard to avoid damage to teeth.

  1. Avoid bite changing

A night guard is fitted according to your teeth pattern and biting pattern as its major aim is to protect surfaces from grinding with each other. Moreover, sports mouthguards are not suitable as they are soft and are designed from a thick rubber-like material. Soft material would allow you to chew it during sleep as the brain would interpret it as food. In that case, consult with a dentist and then only select a night guard. 

  1. Avoid severe headaches

Headaches and severe neck aches are the first symptoms of bruxism type of problem and all this happens due to tensed muscles. These severe headaches could arise from teeth clenching and grinding. They could only be eliminated with the use of a night guard and you don’t have to experience tensed muscles. 

Factors to consider before selecting a night guard

Since a night guard could be worn either on lower or upper teeth to prevent teeth grinding, you may think which would be best for extra protection. You require to consider some factors for this:-

  • Firstly, check for its comfort as an uncomfortable nightguard would not go into your mouth and would not provide benefit.
  • Teeth pattern plays an essential role in the selection of night guard as in that case you could achieve proper benefits. 


To Prevent teeth grinding is a little bit difficult, so these night guards would greatly help in avoiding this problem and provide you with sound sleep. But, for that case, you require to rush to a dentist to get night guards to get relief from teeth grinding symptoms. Moreover, these night guards would not only lower your grinding symptoms but also save your money to a large extent. Our dentist Narre Warren offers a wide range of general, emergency, family, and cosmetic dental treatments at reasonable prices in Narre Warren.