What Is A Custom Keychain? How to Use Them as a Gift for Your Company?

Business gifts work as great marketing tools. The most diverse options can be chosen to gift customers and employees. This is the case with custom key chains, bottles, cups, cell phone cases, among others. One of the great advantages of business gifts is disclosure at affordable costs.

The most interesting thing is that, in the case of key chains, they bring great possibilities for customization. Thus, it is possible to adapt it to the profile of your customers, reinforcing the image of your brand. In addition, you also increase your chances of getting the desired result with the marketing action.

Want to know what other benefits of custom keychains are for your company’s success? Keep reading our post.

Here are some ideas for using custom keychains as gifts

There are several ways to use these special keychains in your business actions. We will show you some of the main ones below and explain how to perform these actions. Check out!

Promote your brand to a large audience

At events, for example, you can distribute custom keychains that have an attractive design for your target audience. This action helps your brand to be disseminated to a greater number of people.

Also, if people like your keychain, it can be used on a daily basis. As long as it is functional, you will ensure your brand is in constant contact with these potential customers. Thus, the chances of a good relationship and promising future business greatly increase.

This giveaway can also be a great opportunity to capture new customers you haven’t had contact with. With other people using your freebie, other potential customers may be interested in your business. For this, they just need to view the material distributed.

Measure results through distribution

Another valuable tip to get the most out of the delivery of custom keychains is to measure results. When handing out the freebies, collect information from the customers and prospects who received them. To perform this test, also write down the data of a group to which you will not deliver the gift.

Then include all this data in your company’s information systems. From that, you can analyze, after a while, how much return — in business — your company got from each group. This is an excellent way to measure how effective the action performed was. In the next delivery of gifts, it is possible to better plan a series of factors.

Another option involving the same groups of people refers to sales returns related to a certain period of the stock. The keychain were delivered during an event week, for example. In another event, do the same tests. What were the differences? You will be able to obtain a series of data through these practical measures.

Ensure sharing on social networks

Nowadays, most people feel very satisfied when sharing good moments or special objects on social networks. So, gifts as unique as custom keychains can be proudly displayed on Instagram or Facebook. As a result, you will gain free advertising of your brand and company.

Without the company having to pay a dime for ads and media, these people will spontaneously do their advertising. This disclosure can reach a very large projection when you invest in a quality gift. It is a fair and totally innovative form of advertising, the opposite of traditional advertisements so outdated today.

This is a very common attitude these days, which we can consider free advertising. And that’s thanks to the extra functions that the act of distributing the gifts boosts. Your company can get a very significant return with the help of this spontaneous action that is a consequence of another efficient action.

Currently, there is no one who fails to share positive, beautiful things or that they received as a gift at all times. The latter is the case with distributed custom keychains. And it’s not for less: with just a few clicks and taps on the computer or cell phone, content is shared with a wide network of contacts.

Make the audience remember your event

It is indisputable that distributing gifts at fairs is important for the event and its brand to be remembered by the participants. When we look at custom keychains or other gifts we receive, we instantly remember that occasion and also the company that distributed it no matter how much time has passed.

This is part of the customer’s delight, as he will feel special, having a positive memory of your company. This fact can turn into a business opportunity in the future. To further enhance the product, it can be delivered with a custom tag including a beautiful message.

Swap gifts for brand-related actions

In addition to staying in the memory of consumers, custom keychain can help you to develop another marketing action that intervenes in favor of promoting your company.

You can ask customers or event attendees to post a photo with your hashtag and tag your company’s profile on a social network. Or to watch a video with tips and a riddle. Whoever gets it right wins the prize.

Not to mention other actions that can be performed. Thus, you not only distribute the gift, but also add value to the brand and reinforce your image even more in people’s minds.

It may seem very easy to deliver custom keychains to your potential customers to win more business opportunities, but these actions must be planned very carefully. Thus, they will really help you to achieve good results in sales and relationships.

To do this, find out what your customers’ profile is in order to create keychains that will visually interest them. Even better if they are functional!

It is also interesting that the keychain presented is related to the theme of the event in addition to containing the name and contacts of the company. In this way, we have no doubt that you will create great custom gifts that will strengthen your brand image.

Giving gifts is a marketing action that presents great cost-benefit, providing several advantages. Custom keychains are extremely functional items in practically anyone’s routine. The customer, or prospect, takes your brand home in their pocket. Invest in great giveaways that can bring you new business.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips related to handing out custom gifts.