How to Find the Best Mover in the Market – Key Strategies for a Stress-Free Move

Life is full of stress and the three main ones are wedding night, the birth of a new child and moving day. Yes, Oakville Movers day is definitely one of the things most people hate to do in their entire lives. The list of reasons to deal with lifting furniture, broken backs, accidents that can happen while driving a heavy truck can go on and on. But if you decide to choose a director, what are the potential pitfalls when hiring a director? The list goes on. The biggest fear of hiring a moving company is being scammed. There are many different ways to cheat customers, and rogue moving companies have used them all. So how to protect yourself? Explore reviews of all movers operating in North America.

Find the best movers

1. Get more than one quote. – Preferably at least three. By getting one or more quotes, you will know how all directors charge for their services. It is important to have an idea so that you can compare based on other existing service providers offering the same type of work based on the same inventory you need to move. Comparing apples to apples is definitely a must. Also, having more than one quote can help you figure out which movers are honest and which aren’t. If most quotes range from 3000 and one quote is 600, you can be sure that the 600 mover is a potential scammer. Be wise. Don’t be fooled by cheap moving companies.

2. Request license information such as phone number, phone number, email and website. In addition, the tax office may inquire at the time of registration or incorporation of the company. If there’s no sign of that mover, one piece of advice is to stay away.

3. Please ensure that all information provided on the website is accurate. Naturally, it’s not uncommon for clients to provide a bit of information about their property inventory in order to get a cheaper quote. On the day of the move, if the company finds a piano that needs to be relocated that is not mentioned in the inventory, it can charge you an arm and a leg. Be honest with the moving company when providing your property listing. The only thing you suffer financially is yourself. Some customers may want an on-site quote that your company can also use. It’s up to the customer what they want before they go.

4. Do local moving companies do their best when they are honest and professional? The key is to research which moving companies they have chosen in the past and talk to others. Recommendations and online recommendations are important, but you need to ensure consistency in terms of reviews. If the mover you choose on one moving review site has a 5-star rating, but all the other sites have a 1-star rating or no rating at all, you wonder if the 5-star reviews are fake or written by the movers themselves. The Better Business Bureau is a great indicator of the quality of work provided by movers. I would recommend it. The important thing is to ask lots of questions.

  1. Get the right service you need according to your request. Need a packing service with your move? All you need is a truck driver? Are you interested in a DIY type of move? All of this is up to you. Take a look at the list of services offered by moving companies and make your decision. Packaging services and materials are very expensive, so packing your own can save you a ton of money. Loading and unloading can save you a lot of money. So you do more and pay less. Some moving companies offer “A la Carte” services. These are the best companies to work with. They are flexible to your needs and usually provide key information to help you move efficiently.