Umrah Package from Pakistan: An Essential Guide for All Pakistani Pilgrims

Now you can perform Umrah on a Pakistani visa in easy steps. It won’t take you long to wait or pay a lot of money, but you can get your Umrah visa in the same week after following all the simple steps. You need to know about the process, including the procedure, the fees you will need to pay, and the frequently asked questions.

Umrah from Pakistan

Pakistani visitors only need to apply for an e-visa, submit the required documents, pay the fee and start the Umrah journey after the visa is approved. During this process, if you need any help, you can contact Pakistan free of charge for Umrah inquiries and packages or visit Umrah Package From Pakistan 2022.

Latest Updates & Guidelines regarding the Umrah from MOF & MOH

Now you can easily perform Hajj from Pakistan. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced the opening of registration for pilgrims wishing to perform Umrah for the season 1443-1444 AH. The “Trust” app will give preference to those who have been fully vaccinated based on the situation.

In addition, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah allows the review of available packages or by electronic route, and the listing and selection of priority packages.

Registrar details, immunization status, and matching conditions will be checked, and if none of the registrants meet the requirements, you may be denied a visa.

In the case of a group, multiple people are registered in the same application, the system sees the group as a single application, and if one of them does not meet the conditions, the application is canceled.

In addition, Saudi Arabia has extended the validity of the Umrah visa for three months and there are no restrictions on movement in the kingdom.

Pakistan Visa process to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah has announced the launch of an electronic service under which those wishing to perform Umrah can apply for an Umrah visa electronically within 24 hours.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Ministry had announced measures to issue Umrah visas for those coming from outside the kingdom through the Umrah electronic portal. You can now apply without the help of agents, but you can contact them for better guidance.

In addition, you can choose the manual method through the Kingdom Consulate in Islamabad.

Visa requirements

Passport validity period shall not be less than 6 month


Return Ticket

Health Insurance


Mahram (If needed)

Passport size photos with white background

Must be above 18 years old. Younger than 18 will require guardians.

The passport will be refused in the following cases:

Passport with holes on the first page of data.

The difference between passport and CNIC in names, etc.

There are no blank pages in the passport.

Not attaching the original + copy of the international certificate of immunization to the basic doses (at least two doses) of the Corona vaccines.

Umrah Package, Flight & Hotel Booking and Umrah Preparations

As we mentioned above, you can submit an Umrah visa application online by yourself or can opt for manual method and submit the application in consulate through agents; visa approval takes up to 2, 3 days. After Umrah approval you need to choose from a variety of Umrah packages from Pakistan various traveling agencies offer, including Lottrips.

Steps to travel for a Umrah

When you arrive at the airport of Saudi Arabia on the day of the flight, go to the Passport Hall, and tell them that you are traveling to Saudi Arabia with it and you will not face any obstacles.

After arriving at the airport in Saudi Arabia, he went to the passport hall with a visa, and showed them the stamp.

Then purchase a mobile line, and register on the Umrahna app to get the appointment you want.

If you are in Madinah Airport, you can travel to Makkah easily via the Haramain Express And when you arrive in Makkah – if you are not there – go to the hotel that you booked through the Lottrips, then leave your things and go down to the Haram to perform your Umrah.

But you need to note that entering the sanctuary will be from Gate No. 1, and the Military Insurance will consider your permit.

If you forget your permit and manage to get in without it, but get caught inside, you may pay a fine of up to 10,000 SAR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a separate account and also apply as a group?

The main applicant can add 15 companions

Is vaccination required before visa application?

It is required to complete immunization with one of the Corona “Covid-19” vaccines, approved by the Public Health Authority.

How can I add a companion as a mahram to me in Umrah?

The main applicant can add a companion and designate him as a Mahram.

Can underage kids go for Umrah without guardians?

Children under 18 cannot go for umrah alone, they are required to bring their parents or legal guardians for the approval of Umrah visa.

Getting assistance from a professional

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