Typical Application of Proportional Flow Control Valve

Proportional flow control valve are the devices that are used in different industries across the globe. You can see the use of modern pneumatic proportional flow control valve in medical equipment. Other than this there are dozens of other applications for these control valves. Most people are unfamiliar with the concept of these valves and where they can be used. This is why in this post we are going to discuss the major uses of digital valves. 

In the past, mechanical control valves were used to monitor and manage the pressure in a flow valve but these mechanical devices were not accurate in their working and there was always a chance of leakage and fluid loss. All thanks to the modern proportional flow control valve tools you don’t have to worry about any losses as the design and working of these fluid control valves is ten times more robust than the mechanical devices. 

Features of the Proportional Flow Control Valve 

Proportional valves are actually used in applications when the user has to maintain the output pressure in a pneumatic system. It is quite difficult to manage the outlet pressure of a valve if the inlet pressure is not stable. So the best way to control variable internal pressure is to use electronic flow control. You can easily set a constant output pressure rate which would be digitally maintained. 

The reason to use the proportional flow control valve devices is that they are more dependable than the old hefty devices. While using these devices you don’t have to worry about any human intervention. Also, know that this equipment is very cost effective. The mechanical devices were very costly and required regular maintenance. This is not the problem with the digital flow control valves. Another feature of the high pressure flow control valve devices is that they provide fast response and provide full and consistent control.

There are different companies manufacturing the proportional flow control valve equipment but when it comes to selecting the best one you need to make sure that you go for cost effective and energy efficient control valves.

Typical applications of the Proportional Flow Control Valve

Out of many common applications, we are going to mention the top ones:

  • Spot welding is one of the major applications of these valves. Here the valves are used to control the pressure of fluids in the cylinder. The pressure is going to be set according to the material type and thickness of the fluid. 
  • The next big application of the proportional flow control valve water equipment is in leak testing. If you want to ensure that there is no leakage in the pneumatic systems then you can easily use these devices. 
  • You can also see the use of these devices in medical equipment. The most common example is pressure maintenance in oxygen cylinders.

These are some of the most typical applications of proportional control flow valve and regulators that you can see these days.