Top 8 Disposable Vapes To Try In 2022

Review of 8 must-try disposable vapes for 2022.

Are you tired of smoking? Or are you looking for a less injurious alternative? Are you finding a quality product to relax your mind? Or do you want to stimulate your body before a party scene kicks in? If one of these questions concerns you then you are at the right place. Disposable vapes can fulfill all of the above needs.

Disposable vapes are highly popular among adults. Since their introduction people prefer no other smoking option. Disposable vapes come with great diversity in function. Due to this, they are desirable among all types of customers. The demand for disposable vapes is growing day by day.

People prefer them over other choices for many reasons. Disposable vapes take less of your time. They are a dream come true for busy people. In addition, the maintenance of vapes is a hindrance to pleasure. Disposable vapes require no maintenance at all! The rule is to take it out, inhale, and discard it. These kinds of vapes are extremely light. They are pocket-friendly portable devices. The colors are mostly vibrant, so you can hardly lose them.

When it comes to flavor, nothing can beat disposable vapes. The flavors are available for every mood and ambiance. Most of the flavors are combined with ice. The icy effect helps you give a long-lasting throat hit. All in all, the flavor is more than just tobacco.

With disposable vapes, you can have an unforgettable experience. However, such an experience is only possible if you choose the right one. So, to make your life easy we bring you a review blog of high-quality vapes. The list has been put together from best to worst disposable vapes. Following are the Top 8 Disposable Vapes For 2022.

1. Posh.

With the supreme quality of disposable vapes, Posh is the best disposable vape in the USA. It is dominating the vape market in the USA. The 1st rank is achieved due to its overall performance. Advancement in vaping technology has become a byword for Posh. Another reason for popularity of Posh is its accessibility. Posh is easy to access for all classes and types of customers. The brand welcomes any kind of financial limitations. It will fit any budget with 100 percent legitimacy. The demand for Posh is seen in its amount of production. As of now, Posh is moving more than 5 million devices a month.

Posh offers a huge range of flavors too. Every device comes with a different package of flavors. Coolness is the main element of most flavors in Posh. However, plain flavors are also in stock for people with classic tastes. Apart from its daily range, Now Posh Disposable also offers limited editions. Seasonal items are also available for different seasons. In short, the collection is diverse for all kinds of cravings.

The Posh offers something new when it comes to specifications. Such developments are rare to find in other disposable vapes.


  • They offer easy-to-use gadgets.
  • The Posh devices incorporate a favorable mix of style and convenience.
  • The most exciting feature is its high puff capacity. The puff count of Now Posh Disposable ranges from 1500 to 5200.
  • Batteries from 850mAh to 1500mAh are put in different disposable vapes according to their capacity.
  • Various levels of nicotine salt allow people to choose Now Posh Disposable according to their health.


  • E-cigs with much more crazy puff count are present in the market.

Thus, if your preference is quality within budget then choose Now Posh Disposable Vape.

2. VaporLax:

VaporLax stands at number 2 on the list for multiple reasons. The first and the most important

reason for the hype is its design. It is round in shape with a pen-style to it. Its distinctive curvy

layout is designed to fit the human lips perfectly. Also, the size of VaporLax makes it easy to carry and handle.

The feature of the device includes draw-activation. Draw-activated means you are free from

buttons to turn it on. The battery life of the disposable vape is average compared to what Now

Posh offers. The battery is of a 1000mAh capacity.


  • Vapor Lax fits the needs and pockets of former smokers as well as new users.
  • Affordable


  • Non-availability of tobacco flavor.
  • Only 50mg is available.
  • Sirius:

Sirius disposable vapes come at number 3 on the list. It comes with an extremely attractive design. Sirius performs even better than its good looks. The commendable feature of this disposable vape is the amount of e-liquid it carries.

Prefilled with 10ml of e-juice, Sirius beats most other disposables on the market. The strength of nicotine salt is just perfect. It includes 50mg of nic salt for a smooth throat hit.


  • The quality control of Sirius disposables cannot be matched. Each vape is thoroughly tested before moving it further to the stores.


  • They hardly beat Now Posh in terms of puff count. Each individual disposable vape has 2200+ puff capacity.
  • Tobacco flavor is unavailable.

3. HorizonTech Binaries Cabin:

HorizonTech binaries cabin stands at number 4 on the list. Their sub-ohm tanks are known for

being one of the most flavorful tanks. The reason behind this premium quality of flavor is their

coils. Their expertise is in translating a flavorful coil into good-quality disposables.

Unlike all other disposable vapes, the Binaries Cabin is packed with two 1ohms mesh coils. The coils work in pairs to provide maximum flavor and smooth puffs.


  • Blesses your taste buds with intense flavors.
  • Loaded with 20ml e-juice that lasts up to 10000 puffs.


  • Too large to carry multiple devices at once easily.

5. NIIN Air Disposable:

NIIN Air Disposable comes at number 5 on the list. The distinction of NIIN is marked by its

tobacco-free, synthetic nicotine. Due to this feature, NIIN Air delivers satisfying flavor while being completely nicotine free.

The adjustment of airflow is an amazing quality of this disposable vape. For a tighter draw, airflow can be adjusted from the base of each disposable.


  • 2000 puff count- more than thrice the puffs you would get from a normal disposable e-cigarette.
  • Tobacco-free nicotine.


  • Light cooling.

6. PachaMama:

This disposable ranks at number 6 on our list. Pachamama is well-recognized for its quality

delicious e-liquids. They have now introduced convenient disposable technology. The throat

hit of these devices is exceptional. You’ll love their collection if you are a fruit lover.


  • Tasty juicy flavors.
  • Good throat hit.


  • No tobacco flavor in the collection of flavors.

7. Draco:

Draco disposables are at number 7 on the list for their long-lasting quality. A whopping 16ml of e-juice makes its long life a reality. Because it allows you to inhale longer on a single vape, it is

travel-friendly. The puff count of each individual disposable is 6500+ puffs.


  • A good amount of e-liquid allows extended use.
  • Travel-friendly


  • Cannot be easily carried due to its big size.

8.Xtra Disposable:

They come at last on our list. However, it doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer. Xtra

disposables are extra good in replicating the real feeling of a cigarette. Their portability makes it

easy to slip into your pocket. 1500 puffs of Xtra are equivalent to almost 120 cigarettes.

Although, they give the taste of smoke, their flavors are much more than just a cigarette.


  • Up to 16 flavor choices.
  • User-friendly


  • A little bigger than most other disposables.

User Guide For Disposable Vapes:

Using disposable vapes is one of the most convenient things in this world. All you have to do is unpack it and remove the silicone plugs or any kind of stickers. Once taken out, you can take your inhaling game to the next level.

Leave all your worries about refilling or recharging while using disposables. Once utilized completely, discard it in the electronic bins. Avoid throwing them in normal trash because they contain lithium-ion batteries. Be a responsible adult and dispose of them properly after enjoying them.

Advantages Of Disposable Vapes:

  • Easy to carry.
  • Much easier to use and dispose of.
  • Little to no maintenance is required.
  • Prefilled e-cigs require no refilling.
  • Charging is not required.
  • In the short term, it is cheaper than most of the other alternatives.
  • Both: satisfying nicotine and tobacco-free e-cigs are available on the market.
  • Satisfy the needs of all kinds of users.

Disadvantages Of Disposable Vapes:

  • They are expensive in the long term.
  • Can’t be charged
  • Can’t be refilled
  • Less powerful than other types of e-cigs.
  • Less flavorful as compared to other types of vapes.

Will It Work For You:

Whether it is the right choice or not depends on the person. If your requirement is to quit smoking then making a switch to disposables will really help. On the other hand, if you desire a device with high power. And if you want something that can be customized then a disposable e-cigarette won’t work for you.