Thinking Out Of The Box: Unique Strategies In Dealing With Stress

Stress can come from practically anywhere. In some cases, stress will come from those areas of our lives that we least expect it to. Stress could be caused by our work, our academics, and our relationship with friends, families, and relatives. It could even come with our own devices, such as overthinking! With that said, people are looking for ways to deal effectively with stress. This has led to different out-of-the-box approaches that people take in order to alleviate stress. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most unique yet highly effective methods of stress reduction and stress relief. This list will include cannabis medication in the form of THC or CBD gummies, traveling, physical activities, and creative activities. By the end of this text, you should hopefully find one method that is convenient and effective for you.

Cannabis Medication

A common recommendation that people hear to try and alleviate stress is to take their minds off of the things that stress them out. Usually, this is in the form of temporarily foregoing work responsibilities and taking a break from the office, for example. Although this strategy is most ideal, it is not very achievable for a lot of people. Most of us are driven to work non-stop because of finances. Basically, we need to continue working because we need the money to pay for things like food, rent, etc. 

One of the ways that we can alleviate stress while still continuing our work is through the unique strategy of cannabis medication. Cannabis products have been proven to help deal with stress by causing users to feel calm and relaxed. This is especially beneficial for those individuals who are constantly experiencing panic attacks or other similar problems.


This next item on our list is perhaps a bit more of a luxury option. As we mentioned earlier, a lot of individuals simply cannot afford to skip work because they live paycheck to paycheck. However, if you find yourself fortunate enough to afford a vacation, do consider traveling to other places. Traveling is quite effective in dealing with stress because it physically detaches you from the places that cause you to feel stressed. Not only that, but it can also expose you to new environments, which can serve as a refreshing experience. Keep in mind that traveling does not have to be very expensive at all. 

Simple traveling activities, such as going to the beach or going somewhere more rural, can be sufficient at alleviating stress. The most important thing about traveling is that you should enjoy yourself as best you can while you’re out and about. Try not to pay too much attention to the work that you have left behind and try to really immerse yourself in the place that you’re visiting.

Physical Activities

Some people just need an outlet to redirect their stress. One of the most effective methods of reducing stress is through physical activities, such as sports and exercise. This is a great way of redirecting negative energies and turning them into productivity. One great thing about physical activities is that there are a lot of options to choose from. For those looking for more peaceful things to do, they can try cycling, running, or swimming. For those looking for rigorous activities, they can try weightlifting, mountain biking, or trail running. 

An added benefit of resorting to physical activities as a method of alleviating stress is that it can lead to better performance and improved fitness. This could potentially lead to a better state of mind and increased confidence, which only means good things for the individual.

Creative Activities

This last item on our list is concerned with using art as a platform to express what you feel. As we mentioned earlier, a lot of people who are stressed out are looking for outlets for them to vent out what they feel. If you’re not a fan of doing a lot of physical activity, you can try out art instead. The great thing about art is that it does not put too much pressure on you when it comes to the output that you produce. You are free to express yourself, and you are not limited nor constrained by instructions, commands, or policies. This could be a revitalizing experience for you, especially if you are constantly subjected to pressure in the workplace. 

Finally, art can also lead to fulfillment and a sense of pride. Finishing an artwork can make people feel better about themselves, and they find fulfillment in the entire process of making their art.