Important Things to Know about Vedic Astrology

Entrenched in the Vedas, India’s ancient system of knowledge, Vedic astrology is grounded on the belief that the stars as well as planets have a robust influence on the lives of people.  If you hear the Hindu teachings, life is meant for overall spiritual growth. This growth is, in part, enabled by karma, the concept that every single thought and action has a consistent reaction. Actually, if you are looking forward to have a deep knowledge about it, you must enrol yourself in a Vedic astrology course. And who knows in the future you can also teach it!

Anyhow, you know the Vedas mentions that a person’s karma is straightway related to the position of the planets and stars. Hence astrology is the technique of understanding one’s karma by analysing and evaluating these positions. Originally known as jyotish, or even the science of light, Vedic astrology is believed to be by many to be the eye of the Vedas. It is simply for the reason that it is meant to provide guidance to people who feel lost or simply confused on the journey of their life.

It is even taken as science of fate,   astrology gets used to understand all aspects of life, such as the future success of a particular venture , like marriage, getting into a new home, or a business undertaking. In the past, vedic astrology was even used as a manner of predicting the results of battles in war, or even a particular governmental decision. As a result of this thing , rulers used to even employ astrologers to offer them better insight as to how they could perfectly run their kingdoms.

The impact of planet on humans 

As described in the realm of Vedas, everyone and every single thing is under the control of time. By its overall influence, individuals are dragged inevitably through various stages of existence, before they even eventually die and are pushed on to the consequent life, the condition of which is decided by their accrued karma.  Of course, once you are in a course, you would get a thorough knowledge about it. it would be really insightful for you to learn about it.

Free will and destiny 

Your future is decided by two things, as per the Vedas: destiny as well as free will.  Destiny is simply the various situations you get to encounter in life, while free will is how you do react to them through thought and action. How you do react creates further karma, which then decide the future set of situations you would be destined to face. In other words, your destiny is going to be created by your free will.  Moreover, the Vedas recognize four aims of human life and these are:

  • Dharma
  • Artha
  • Kama
  • Moksha 

Dharma might be generally defined as the mode of conduct most favourable for one’s spiritual growth. Fulfilling dharma, brings proper meaning, purpose, and honour to an individual’s life.

Kama simply means literally as desire and refers to the requirement for sensory as well as emotional happiness. All beings, in some or the other way are seekers of joy, and must definitely pursue such joy in the absence of harming themselves, or even others. 

Artha, though interpreting as goal or  purpose is more particularly related to the gaining of wealth or even sense of security. To experience the happiness of reaching one’s goals, a person should definitely have the essential resources of wealth in order to do such a thing.

The final aim , moksha, simply denotes liberation. It relates to the spiritual development of people until their eventual freedom from the cycle of birth as well as death. 


To sum up, vedic is very deep and insightful. If you want to learn about it and even you look forward to have a future in it; you should enrol in a course of vedic astrology today.