Thank you stickers

Appreciation stickers can add meaning and style to your expressions of appreciation, whether you’re thanking someone special for a particular deed or for being there for you when you need them. Increase. A handwritten thank you note on letterhead is even better with a thank you sticker. Here’s how to use Thank You Stickers to add meaning and style to your expressions.

Thank you, stickers are the perfect complement, to thank you letters as they allow you to say ‘thank you’ in a concise, meaningful and styled way.  Adding a thank you sticker lets your recipients know that you’ve taken the time and effort to express your thoughts carefully and convey the right message. Thank You high-quality stickers let you say “thank you” over and over again without sounding like a broken record.



You will receive a roll of 500 (2″) and thank you for supporting my small business on 4 different sides. Printed with black ink and UV varnish to prevent ink bleeding Increase.


Made of high-quality coated paper, hot stamped gold foil and strong adhesive. It’s waterproof, easy to peel and stick, and can be removed without leaving any residue.

·         Versatile:

Express your creativity and make a lasting impression with this round sticker roll. Show your appreciation by applying these thank your business stickers directly to gift boxes, bags, boxes, tissues and receipts.


Perfect for putting in retail bags, gift wrap, and envelopes. You can send a thank you message to your customers. Thank you for choosing your business with these beautiful small business stickers from IBAKE.

·         Customer Service:

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, please email us.

Product details

Stock up on birthday and wedding appreciations with this handy booklet of sticker stickers in a variety of “thank you stickers” designs. Each circular sticker has gold foil accents on the front and features a fully adhesive back that sticks securely to cards and envelopes. Combine all 5 designs. The sticker book contains 200 thank you stickers.

  • There are 40 sheets each of 5 designs accented with gold leaf.
  • About the sticker: Thank you.
  • Sticker sheets each sheet approx. 5.5″W x 8″H.


There are many ways to thank your customers and create happy moments after their purchase. The key is to be personal, thoughtful, and honest. Customers (and the public at large) love sincere thanks, but hate dishonesty.  With gratitude, it’s natural to make connections and become brand ambassadors. Building these customer relationships gives you the opportunity to differentiate your brand from your competitors.  Buying thank you stickers seems like a simple task. Because these stickers are readily available in all retail stores and online marketplaces. However, finding quality stickers is key to shopping. When you buy Thank you stickers, make sure they have all the features above. This will give you a perfect and eye-catching look.