SEO Copywriting Skills that Guarantee Sky High Ratings!

The core marketing strategies for enhancing the viability of any website essentially depend on SEO. Search engine optimization can be broken down essentially into two parts. The first is, of course, optimizing the search engine, and the second is SEO copywriting. The latter deals with creating content for SEO. Whereas content can also include info-graphics and videos that you might place within your web page, copywriting refers to the textual part or the words alone! 

Getting the content right is extremely important for ensuring impressive rankings on the Search Engine Results page. We take a look at some of the cardinal rules of copywriting for SEO!

Copywriting for SEO: Rules to Follow

Know your Keyword Intent: As any marketing agency near me will explain, knowing and understanding the keyword intent is extremely important when it comes to creating content for search engine optimization purposes. The intent of the keyword is nothing else but the reason for which people would be searching the keyword you have been contemplating using. There are three broad types of intents, including

  • Informational: This is when the user wishes to know more about the topic. So something like “History of St. Augustine’s Day” is an example of an informational keyword. 
  • Navigational: This is where there is a specific platform that the user wishes to visit. Here he will use the specific name of the website and navigate to it! 
  • Commercial: This is where the user wishes to purchase a specific product or service. So “buy furniture” 

Google rewards websites that closely match keyword intent. For instance, a commercial keyword is best suited on the order booking page, and so on. 

Get to the point early: It is one thing to write term papers and novels and another to create SEO-friendly text for a website. The ultimate goal here is to create relevant stuff. It is relevance that is the key parameter for Google to honor your efforts with handsome rankings. Apart from keyword intent, Google also checks whether your content is pertinent or not. One proof of pertinence is including the main keyword in the copy early. So, targeting the main keyword multiple times in the introductory passage is one way to improve search engine rankings. However, make sure the inclusions seem natural and not forced. Concentrate on creating meaningful and less wordy sentences. 

Steer clear of keyword stuffing: Steering clear of keyword stuffing is important. Just because meaningful keywords need to be included does not mean you should place them randomly. You need to select keywords carefully and use them seamlessly, in a limited number, so you can go with the flow. Consider reading your text repeatedly to ensure the word order is in place. Be it for bank marketing or any other product or service marketing, for that matter, keyword usage needs to be appropriate and judicious. 

Always make sure you speak the language of the audience! A marketing agency in Arizona is your best ally in suggesting the right language and tone for your target group!