Refrain From These Mistakes While Choosing A Functional & Appealing Roof

Just as its foundation, your house’s roof holds equal importance. It’s far from a mere construction component. After all, a roof is critical in offering you and your family the utmost safety. So, your property’s functionality and security hugely depend on your roofing choice.

But choosing an ideal roof for your dream home is challenging, especially if you’re a new homeowner. You may think aesthetic features play a significant role. 

But neglecting the importance of functional roofing will be the biggest mistake from your end. A perfect roof is a combination of unique aesthetics and necessary functionalities. So, when deciding, please do not make the following mistakes.

Blunders to Avoid When Selecting an Ideal Roof for Your House

As you already know, a roof lasts you for over a decade. So, choosing the right roofing material for your building is the most important consideration. Performance, style, and functionality are key features. So, you should never refrain from the following mistakes:

#1 Not Using a Calculator

Many roofing companies offer a calculator to simplify a homeowner’s job of selecting a roof. As a new homeowner, you may think a calculator is of no use, especially when hiring someone. But there’s a different story.

Even if you consult a team, using a calculator helps determine the overall expenses of installing the new roof. If you have purchased a house in Spokane, it is the right time to consult the Advanced Roofing team.

The company provides a roofing calculator to assess the type of house (simple, slightly complex, or very complex), number of floors, and roof pitch. You can also consult the team for regular roof maintenance. For repair purposes, the company will visit your property to inspect the condition of your roof. Then, it reports on your roof’s condition and calculates the quotation.

#2 Neglecting the Climatic Conditions

Next, you must also consider the climatic conditions when installing a roof. Undermining this aspect will lead to severe consequences. Trees higher than the roof, alongside a humid climate, may cause mildew, algae, mold, and moss on the roof. As a result, it may affect the overall performance, thereby reducing your family member’s comfort and security.

It is crucial to mitigate the risks of such damage. Thus, selecting a roofing material that withstands the environmental conditions in your area is imperative. For example, if you live in Spokane, the region witnesses a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. A clay roof can be ideal for that purpose. Besides, other roofing materials like synthetic shingle roofs, slate, tile, or clay roofs exist.

#3 Hiring an Inexperienced Roofing Team

A wrong choice of roofing contractor may lead to expensive repairs. So, if you think choosing an inexperienced roofer is a silly mistake, you must learn further. First things first, an inexpert will perform improper roof construction. As a result, it leads to the following issues:

  • Poor or incorrect flashing (remember flashing is an important part of roofing, and it protects roofs joints & valleys)
  • It can result in ventilation issues
  • Poor drainage system 
  • Mismatched or incorrect installation of shingles 
  • Inappropriate roof coatings
  • Faulty nails into the shingle at inaccurate angles

#4 Choosing a Random Roof Design

You are the house owner, so you are the one who should select the right type of roof. But while deciding on your choice, ensure to consider personal and aesthetic preferences. 

There are other important components involved in selecting your ideal roof design. Although the step seems complex, understanding each roof type will give you a beginning point. Here’s a rundown of the roof styles you can select from:

  • The duo-pitch roof is common in residential properties
  • The mono-pitch roof comprises a sloping plane and is asymmetrical (it’s best if you want to achieve a modern appeal)
  • Mansard roofing has a double slope on both sides (an epitome of intricacy and elegance)
  • Flat roof (not ideal for homeowners; best for industrial and commercial buildings)
  • The hip roof comprises 4 equal parts having equal lengths

So, if you are planning to build your residential roof, it’s time you consider these pointers and proceed. Determine the type of materials, and don’t neglect using a calculator. Weigh the expenses and choose the right roofing contractor.

Remember, maintenance is also a crucial consideration. So, you must also give importance to its upkeep and hire a team that offers the utmost safety and protection.