Indonesia’s advanced electric motorbike, the NIU N Lite is here for Indonesian

Indonesia’s advanced electric motorbike, the NIU N Lite, features cruise control and a three-axis sensor and is available for only Rp 20 million (approximately US$1,350). In addition to local brands such as Viar, ECGO and Gesit (Harga Gesit unknown), Indonesia now has an additional option for electric motorbikes and electric bikes, the NIU eScooter, which previously focused on the European and American markets, has finally entered the Indonesian market this year.

For the Indonesian market, NIU is bringing two types of e-scooters directly to Indonesia, the first being the NIU N Lite, which costs around Rp 20-25 million (about US$1,350-1,700). The other is the NIU N GT, which is priced at Rp50-70 million (approximately US$3,350-$4,700) in Jakarta.

Vincent Yap, president director of PT Moove Motors Asia, said that consumers will receive our SIM card at the time of purchase, but must download the NIU eScooter app. The bike is equipped with a signal and GPS for connection to the cloud, and it functions to read the rider’s personality and charging habits for the battery, as well as update the software to maximise the performance of the NIU N Lite.

Within the application, information such as motor location, travel history, vehicle status and power statistics are available. Thanks to the diagnostic function, the user can also check the functionality of the NIU N Lite, so if there is damage, it can be known from the application.

The N Lite is equipped with a 26 Ah battery for power supply, but a spare battery can be carried behind the seat, which is purchased separately. The NIU N Lite can travel 55-70 km on one battery, depending on road conditions, the weight of the driver and the speed.