Upgrade Your Healthcare Email Marketing Strategy (Easy Tips)

Are you using email marketing in your healthcare practice but not getting the desired results? It is time to turn it up a notch with updated strategies.

We share five high-impact healthcare email marketing tactics that make them more effective in retaining patients, nurturing leads, and increasing your conversion rate.

5 Tips for a Better Medical Email Marketing Strategy 

Even some tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies can stop working the way they should at some point. Emails are not an exception.

You may notice that more have been unsubscribing or that leads leave as soon as they get the freebies. The data might also show surprisingly low click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates.

When you see anything that indicates a decline in the performance of your campaign, it is time to take action. Here are five tactics that could power up email marketing fast.

1. Review Your Strategies and Goals

Sometimes all it needs to tweak your email marketing strategy is looking hard at what you have been doing lately.

  • Have your goals and objectives remained the same? Are they still relevant to your business needs?
  • What metrics have you been using to determine the success of your campaign? Perhaps you have missed the memo that open rates are no longer ideal because of privacy issues, especially from Apple Mail.
  • Do your emails still reflect your brand? Even a simple change in tone or style can make a significant difference.
  • When was the last time you updated your templates? Outdated designs can make emails feel clunky, unprofessional, and lazy. Sometimes they slow down the loading time.

According to Digital Authority Partners (DAP), analyzing every detail of your email marketing often reveals gold mines that can supercharge your strategy in no time. These include:

  • Best time to send emails
  • Optimum length of your subject lines
  • Most effective call-to-action button colors and copy
  • Images that get the best engagement

2. Automate Your Workflow

Like other online marketing strategies, healthcare email marketing demands commitment and consistency. But between seeing your patients and running a clinic, you barely have the time to breathe, let alone sit in front of a computer and craft an email from scratch every time.

This is where marketing automation comes in to make your life easier. Automation can help you:

  • Set up a welcome series for new subscribers
  • Send out appointment reminders
  • Reactivate inactive leads with a win-back campaign
  • Cross-sell and upsell your services
  • Conduct post-purchase follow-ups
  • Say thank you to patients

Once the automation workflow is in place, it will do most of the heavy lifting for you. You can still personalize some aspects of each email, such as the greeting and sign-off.

Automating the process takes little time and creativity. Many platforms provide ready-made templates. Digital marketing agencies also specialize in designing and upgrading workflows.

3. Hyper-Personalize Emails

Gone are the times when you could send one email blast and call it a day. With more healthcare providers investing in digital marketing (even heavily), you should raise the ante by getting to know your leads and patients by heart and giving them what they want to see.

You can do this through hyper-personalization. What does this mean?

It is simply expanding your knowledge of your audience to further narrow them down into specific segments. You can create email sequences and newsletters matching their specific needs, interests, and wants.

Here are a few ideas and examples:

  • If most patients book an appointment on a Friday, send email promos on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • If a segment frequently buys your skincare products, promote related items such as soap and lotion.
  • Do you have subscribers who have not interacted with your email over the last six months? Try a re-engagement campaign.
  • Break down your newsletters into different categories (e.g., tips, promotions, and events) to let patients choose what they want to read.

4. Increase Interactivity in Your Emails

What makes workshops and webinars boring? When the speaker is the only one doing the talking. The same thing could happen to your email.

Sometimes it feels dull, lifeless, and unengaging simply because you do not allow your subscribers to communicate with you.

Improve interactivity, watch your emails come alive, and boost your returns with these options:

  • Let them answer polls and surveys.
  • Send a feedback form and ask them what content they wish to see or how they rate your emails.
  • Use augmented reality to give them a virtual tour of your clinic.
  • Include a personal note or audio message from you or your staff.
  • Share user-generated content (UGC), such as testimonials, reviews, or success stories. (But make sure you are not violating HIPPA guidelines).
  • Make emails accessible in various channels.

5. Optimize Your Landing Pages

Emails are only doorways to meeting an objective, such as encouraging a lead to buy your products or take advantage of a service. The magic still happens on your website.

This also means that hardworking emails still mean nothing if your landing pages are poorly designed, riddled with useless content, and lack a strong CTA.

Fortunately, you will not run out of options to optimize these pages. Consider these for starters:

  • Speed it up. Implement accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), which involve stripping down the content to its bare essentials and making it load faster on mobile devices. You can also optimize your images, videos, and other rich media files by compressing them without sacrificing quality.
  • Eliminate distractions. Get rid of anything that could pull your visitor’s attention away from your CTA, such as exit pop-ups, flashy banners, and auto-playing videos. You can also use white space to your advantage by giving your content breathing room.
  • Stick to one clear message. A confused mind always says no. Do not bombard your leads with too many CTAs. Keep it short and sweet by zeroing in on one thing you want them to do.
  • Always test your copies. Use split or A/B tests to determine which headlines, subheadings, and CTAs work best for your target audience.
  • Incorporate visual assets. Infographics, videos, and photos add more context to your message, break the monotony of a copy, and let you explain concepts with fewer words.

Summing Up

Healthcare email marketing scales your medical practice fast, but only if you are willing to take it further. Keep up with the times, improve your tactics regularly, and be consistent. Do these, and your campaigns will never fail you.

Should you need support in revamping your strategies, do not hesitate to work with a digital marketing agency that specializes in your niche, understands your goals, and pays attention to your and your market’s needs.