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How to Turn Off Suggested Posts on Instagram?

Instagram is full of engaging content and it becomes difficult to find the images or videos later that feel interesting to you while scrolling. That’s when the suggested post feature can be a great help as it shows you such type of content for the next time on your feed. The Instagram algorithm will show such type of content on your feed that is related to the content liked by you. this feature is liked by several content creators as it improves the lead generation and engagement of their content. While some users consider this an annoying feature as they don’t want posts from people they don’t follow. If you are also one of those who don’t want to face these suggested posts or if you don’t have any interest in the content from new users keep on reading.

Idea About Suggested Post on Instagram

Suggested posts are posts that Instagram recommends to users based on their activity on the platform, including the accounts they follow, the posts they like and comment on, and the hashtags they use. These posts appear in the user’s Instagram feed and are often labeled as “Recommended for You.” Instagram shows these posts to its users to enhance their experience on the platform so they love to spend more time on Instagram. It’s a great way to provide more content to users that keeps them entertained. Just like you buy Instagram followers and notice an instant change in the growth of your account similarly this process is also simple.

Benefits of Suggested Posts

The purpose of suggested posts is to help users discover new accounts and content that they may be interested in but are not currently following. The content can be from accounts that the user does not follow or from accounts that are similar to the ones they already follow. This helps users in a way that they don’t have to find content related to their niche or interest. So that’s an efficient way for users and content creators also to gain maximum impression rate.

How Does Instagram suggest Posts to Users?

Instagram’s algorithm decides which posts to suggest to users based on various factors, including the content of the post, the popularity of the account that posted it, and the user’s past activity on the platform. You can buy Instagram auto likes if you want your post to be on the list of suggested posts.  Users can also give feedback on the suggested posts by liking or hiding them, which helps Instagram refine its recommendations over time. It’s worth noting that suggested posts are different from sponsored posts, which are paid advertisements that appear in a user’s feed. Suggested posts are free and appear based on Instagram’s algorithm, while sponsored posts are paid by advertisers to reach a specific audience.

How to Permanently Remove Suggested Posts From My Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently remove suggested posts from your Instagram feed. This is because suggested posts are part of Instagram’s algorithm that is designed to show you content that you may be interested in based on your activity on the platform. However, you can hide individual suggested posts in w don’t have any interest by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of the post, and from the menu, you have to select “Hide.” You’ll no longer see that specific post.

Additionally, you can try to adjust your Instagram activity to reduce the number of suggested posts that appear in your feed. For example, you can try unfollowing accounts that consistently post content that you’re not interested in, or you can try liking and commenting on posts that align with your interests to signal to Instagram that you prefer that type of content.

How to Turn Off Suggested Posts on Instagram?

However, if you find that the suggested posts are overwhelming or interfering with your Instagram experience, you can try minimizing their visibility. Here are some steps you can take:

·   Hide Individual Suggested Posts:

You can hide individual suggested posts that are not of your interest and you don’t want them in your feed. Simply click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the post and select “Hide.” You will no longer see that post on your feed and provide feedback to Instagram’s algorithm that you’re not interested in that type of content.

·   Interact More with Content That You Like:

Instagram’s algorithm is designed to show you content that you’re likely to engage with, so if you consistently like and comment on posts that align with your interests, you may see more of that content and fewer suggested posts. If you don’t want such type of content then it’s better to not like and comment on such posts and automatically it’ll not be shown on your account. It’s better to interact with such type of content that you want in your feed more. Whether you like it, share it, or comment on it even if you save a post it’s considered your favorite. Or buy Instagram comments from the targeted audience from a reliable source for your post to make it to the suggested post.

·   Unfollow Accounts That Consistently Post Content You’re Not Interested In:

If you’re seeing a lot of suggested posts from accounts that you don’t follow, it may be because you’re interacting with content from those accounts. Consider unfollowing those accounts to reduce the suggested posts in your feed. You can avoid interacting on such accounts and type of content that is not related to your niche or interest. Eventually, you’ll see less or no such type of content.  

Or you can just click on the three-dot icon that is next to the suggested post then you have to select ‘not interested’ and you wouldn’t see such type of content anymore. you can even undo the process if you think you have done it by mistake or if there is a change of mood.

Final Words

It’s worth noting that suggested posts are an integral part of the Instagram experience, and removing them completely is not possible. Still, you can choose several options to see fewer such types of posts. The steps to do so are really simple and you wouldn’t have to face any hassle.