How to Be the Best Freaky Girlfriend Ever

Being the best freaky girlfriend ever is about being confident and comfortable in your own skin. It’s knowing that you’re capable of seducing your partner, but also being willing to let him or her take the lead sometimes as well. The best way to be the best freaky girlfriend ever is to have fun, and not be uptight when it comes to intimacy.

You can read some popular freaky quotes to get motivation for being the best freaky girlfriend ever. You can also read some of these tips and tricks to help you out if you’re looking for some fun ideas for how to make your relationship even better than it already is.

Be comfortable being freaky.

The best way to be a freaky girlfriend is to be comfortable being freaky.

If you’re not comfortable with your body and your sexuality, then it’s going to be hard for you (or your partner) to get into the mood. If you feel awkward or embarrassed by intimate acts, that will show, and it won’t leave either of you feeling satisfied.

So before getting started on this list of ways to be the best freaky girlfriend ever, make sure that first and foremost: You’re confident about yourself.

You’re comfortable with your body; you’re confident in what turns you on; and most importantly, you’ve been taking care of yourself physically so that intimacy can feel good for both parties involved in any given situation.

Be a mystery.

There are two reasons you shouldn’t be too revealing. First, it’s cheesy. Second, it’s kind of boring. If you’re always giving away all your secrets, your partner won’t need to try and figure them out themselves, they’ll already know everything about you. That’s why it’s important to keep some things hidden: don’t let them know everything about you right away.

In fact, if they ask a bunch of questions that seem like they should be easy answers (like “What do I like?”), tell them that they should find out on their own by paying attention and asking more questions later.

Then give them a puzzle or riddle to solve in order to figure out what those answers are going to be when the time comes (and make sure this puzzle isn’t too difficult).

That way when their birthday rolls around next week or their favorite holiday rolls around next month or even just another day after work tomorrow afternoon before dinner starts at 7 pm sharp tonight at 8 pm sharp so don’t forget we have reservations for 9 pm sharp.

But not really because we’re still waiting for someone else who hasn’t shown up yet so maybe he/she isn’t coming because there was traffic from somewhere else far away from where I live in a different neighborhood across town somewhere closer than where any people live except maybe homeless people?

Be a little standoffish.

Be aware that your boyfriend wants you to be his submissive little plaything. He wants to have you on a leash, but the more dominant and self-assured you act toward him, the more he’ll want to unleash his inner animal. This is not just some theory I came up with off the top of my head; it’s science.

To test this, William Masters and Virginia Johnson conducted an experiment in which a group of male college students were asked about their attitudes toward women’s rights (back in the 1960s when intimacy was still considered socially acceptable).

Then they were shown slides of pictures depicting either strong or weak females. After looking at these images, all the men were asked if they wanted physical intimacy right now or later and how much they enjoyed viewing those particular photos.

The results revealed that men who had viewed weak women reported feeling aroused immediately after viewing the slide show, but those same men warmed up even more quickly when exposed once again later on after seeing stronger images.

So guys who are already attracted are going to get even hotter for you if you show them some boldness.

Be fun and not uptight about intimacy.

A great way to be a freaky girlfriend is to stop taking intimacy so seriously. Iis supposed to be fun. It’s about connecting with your partner, exploring each other’s bodies, and having good old-fashioned fun.