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Although the first four CBI films were directed by K. Madhu, this fifth film was directed by S. N. Swami, who wrote the screenplay for the film, and stars Mammootty in his iconic role as CBI officer Sethurama Iyer. The film also features an ensemble cast and was produced by Tomichan Mulakuppadam under the banner Mulakuppadam Films.

CBI-5: The Brain Plot Setting 

In the late 1980s, there was a series of murders in Pune. The victims were all young women with their heads cut off, which became known as the “basket killings”. The CBI officer, Balagopal, narrates this story about the most difficult murder investigation for him and his team. Sethurama Iyer and his team investigated the case. Learn more about apk

CBI 5: Brain is based on a real-life event, and it also draws inspiration from popular crime shows in India that have featured similar cases.

“It’s inspired by other series that have done well, like ‘CID,’” said director Prashant Nair during an interview. Learn about Wpit18 and 6streams

Where to Watch 

You can watch CBI 5: The Brain on a projector screen at an auditorium till the COVID-19 restrictions are over. You can also watch the Major League Baseball movie, CBI 5, on Netflix once it is released in theatres. Remember to wear your mask in the theatre, too. The downloadable movies from Netflix only appear in the Netflix downloaded section; they won’t download on your device and you cannot share them. To watch the movie on Netflix, you should have a Netflix subscription. Get yourself a Netflix subscription (only available to the US) before anyone else finds out!

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 You could download  “CBI 5: The Brain” for free through illegal websites such as Torrent, Downloadhub, etc. These websites provide copyrighted content to their users without having to pay, which is illegal in most countries. If you CBI 5 the brain Malayalam movie download movies from these websites, you may be arrested by the police and it could land you behind bars. Additionally, these illegal websites may contain malware designed to steal your information. When clicking on their links, you may lose your personal information and bank details.


A mysterious series of murders has haven going on in the city. Because the police can’t figure it out, CBI members under CBI Officer Sethurama Iyer become involved and start investigating to resolve the mystery. Go watch it now!

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