How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet?

There are different benefits of using the Trust App and this has benefitted many users when they use this application. But this does not mean that it is very simple for users to access the Dapp browser on their mobile phone. It really does not matter if you are using an Android device or an iOS because it is not very easy to access the browser on your device. 

And this is why in this guide, we are going to tell you how do I enable trust browser on my iPhone or other devices. You need to carefully read the guide to do the same. 

What is a Trust wallet?

Trust wallet is a very good application that helps you in storing, storing and managing different cryptocurrencies on your mobile phone. This application is very wonderful for those who want to manage the currencies on their mobile phones. And for this, you need to enable trust browser on android

How can you Enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet?

The process is very simple and you need to follow all the steps that we are going to give here. Remember that you need to have the trust Wallet application installed on your device because you can only get the browser in the application. 

  1. Open the application on your mobile phone for trust browser enable. 
  2. After that, you have to open the settings in the application and then look for Preferences. 
  3. When you see the Toggle of ‘DApp Browser’, turn it when you need to enable it. 
  4. This is the process that you need to follow when you want to enable the DApp browser on your mobile phone. 

Hope you have understood the steps that we have given here and you have successfully activated your DApp browser.

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