Automated Bookkeeping Solutions: Improving Productivity by Saving Time and Money

When running a small business, nothing is more important than your time. Optimising your time is necessary when managing your finances or marketing your department. 47% of  professional account payables find manual processes the biggest challenge.  This is the reason automation can be a time saver. 

Mckinsey Global Institute report estimated that all U.S. work hours will be automated by 2030. To increase the efficiency and productivity of small businesses, let’s dig in-depth into what automation is and its benefits.  

What is automation

With less human intervention, it is easy to create and utilize technology to observe and control the manufacturing and delivery of goods and services. Automation improves our life quality, safety, efficiency, and reliability. Saving money and time is the crucial factor why every business is shifting towards cloud-based computing. 

Bookkeeping automation

Automated bookkeeping transforms every financial statement from manual data entry to cloud-computing software. The procedure of recording, tracking, and reporting all financial transactions in cloud computing software. 

It will help you to know cash consumption, tax deductions, cash inflow, and outflow. 

Bookkeeping automation saves time.

Small and medium-sized companies are identifying the need to replace traditional ways with automation. For example, integrating data platforms instead of manual transfer of data.  Some businesses think that automation is another expense, but they need to understand that it will save them from mainly other significant costs. 

  • Optical character recognition

All reasons to insert numbers into excel spreadsheets need to be updated now. If you want to manage large amounts of numbers by hand or in pdfs in a short time, try OCR. OCR(Optical character recognition) scans documents and turns texts into editable, digital format. Now, updated OCR can convert handwritten documents with 100% accuracy. 

  • Repetition

Performing tasks over and over again is time-consuming. Automation can look out for many jobs like mailing, approving bill payments, and categorizing emails.  

  • Error-free

Automation lessens the chances of errors like mistyped names or numbers, incorrect format, and duplicate or missing entries. Digit zero has no worth, but when writing any entry, a single zero can disturb the entire situation when writing any entry. Just scan the document into the software to manage all your details. 

Bookkeeping automation saves money.

With minimal human labour, businesses can now increase productivity and efficiency. It saves employees 22 hours/per week. There is no need to hire new employees just to write finances manually. With automation, you just don’t worry about compiling data, maintaining records, and wrong digits. 

  • Email automation software

Sending emails to clients or customers can be time-consuming or needs an employee to do this task. Automating bulk email saves many hours per week that employees can use for any productive job. Employees must create an excel sheet with the customer’s first and last name, address, and payment. Upload it, save hours and pay in labour costs using the email automation platform. 

  • Less hiring of employees

You must have the right finance software to fulfill your business tasks well. It will omit the need to hire new employees. Only a few employees must scan the document, upload it, and write customer details in the software. 

Is automation right for every business?

Automation is correct as your business expands, workload increases, and there is a lot of paperwork. It can save you money as there is no need to hire new employees when invoices increase. This saved money can use to do more tasks in your company. 

It can improve satisfaction and minimise staff turnover; when employees are satisfied, they are less likely to leave the job. Digital automation includes many tasks that are necessary to run a business. 

The owner’s responsibility is to organise and handle clients, day-to-day expenses,  managerial expenses, the HR department, the marketing department, and customer relationships. Bookkeeping automated in finance  department makes the work more reliable and profitable, freeing up space to do more tasks effectively and efficiently. 

Wrap up!

Managing a business is challenging, but automated bookkeeping solutions makes it bearable and easy to understand. Online cloud computing simplifies daily accounting jobs, provides analytics, and is guided toward enhancing efficiency.  Automated Bookkeeping systems reduce human errors, increase productivity and efficiency, and save time and money.