5 Ways to Get Over a Cold This Fall

Flu season is just around the corner, and with it comes the pesky, miserable symptoms that so many of us have come to dread. Congested sinus passages, scratchy throats, annoying coughs, dry nasal passages, dizzying headaches, and body aches. Now, with the increase of these yucky symptoms with the Covid pandemic, people are looking for natural preventative practices that they can add to their Fall routine to keep from getting sick. Allergies are annoying enough, so finding ways to keep the big-ticket colds and viruses at bay is absolutely crucial in order to not spend this fall on the couch. You want to be able to enjoy this new season outdoors doing what you love. Fall was made for apple picking, pumpkin patches, and hay bail rides. Fall is for Saturday football and cute decor. Fall is not for sitting on your couch curled up with a mountain-high pile of tissues. But if that’s you, not to worry. We’ve got a few ideas of ways to cut down on the couch time and get healed up so you can get back to your normal routine and enjoy the cooler weather. Whether it’s bad allergies, a cold, the flu, or the dreaded “C” word, we’ve done some research on things that may not heal you, but can certainly get you on the right track to the road to recovery. 

1. Mist Humidifiers 

Dry air, dry throats, and dry sinus passages are your worst nightmares when it comes to trying to heal from a cold. Many people are implementing humidifiers mist into their cold-fighting regimens. Humidifiers are a great tool to help add some moisture back into the air when you’re having a hard time breathing. Dry air can make it extra difficult to heal when you are fighting off a cold, allergies, or asthma. By adding some extra humidity and moisture into the air, your humidifier can work to combat stuffiness, break up the dry phlegm in your nasal passages, lubricate your throat, and ease your cough which makes it hard to breathe. Many studies even reveal that humidity in a room actually reduces the spread of germs.

2. Staying Hydrated

Your body needs as much hydration as possible in order to combat any virus. You should be drinking more water than ever. Try to avoid salty foods and caffeine when you are sick as these two things can dehydrate you significantly. Opt instead of hot teas which can also help a scratchy throat or drinks with high levels of electrolytes. These drinks could be Gatorade or electrolyte powder packets that can be added to water. By staying as hydrated as possible, it is easier to maintain your strength by giving your body the number one thing it needs in order to heal. If you are feeling queasy, try sucking on ice chips in order to battle dehydration. 

3. Over-the-counter Medications

You should always consult your doctor before taking matters into your own hands at your local drug store when trying to figure out what over-the-counter medication would be the best fit for your needs. Many people with colds find it helpful to treat their symptoms with decongestants and antihistamines. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can also be used as fever reducers and pain relievers. Children younger than six should not use over-the-counter medications. These medicines are not meant to heal your cold symptoms but simply aid in addressing specific symptoms. 

4. Resting Up

It sounds simple, but rest is truly your best friend when trying to heal from a cold. Your body absolutely needs this time to recharge and gain back its strength. By resting, you are giving your immune system a chance to heal. Many people will say that when you have a cold you should be trying to sleep up to ten hours at night. This is more than your body normally needs, but by avoiding strenuous activities or exercise you are letting your body focus on putting all its strength into fighting off whatever virus has come your way.

5. Natural Methods

Echinacea is an herbal supplement that may help your body fight off a cold naturally. Many people choose to drink this in tea when they are sick. Others choose to take elderberry supplements when they are fighting off a cold. Simple ingredients such as honey and lemon can also be great in hot water in order to soothe a sore throat and open up nasal passages with a hot drink. No home remedy can cure a cold, but they are certainly helpful in your recovery journey.