Why does most U.S.A prefer To visit  Sri lanka?

Since Sri Lanka is a county of the island which is located in the area of the Indian ocean and Colombo is known to be the capital city of the country. In recent years, most of the country’s economy has experienced strong growth in Sri Lanka. Presently, the country is focusing on its evolution challenges. If you are a US citizen and make a plan to visit Sri Lanka for various purposes, you need to apply for a Sri Lanka visa for us citizens. In this article, we will discuss why Americans need to visit Sri Lanka? Following are the reasons that are why US citizens travel to Sri Lanka and apply for Sri Lanka visa US

Amazing food

Sri Lanka is gifted with a specific cuisine flavoured with exotic spices. The famed rice and curry spread contains a severe and aromatic lentil and chicken or fish curry with rice and vegetables on the side. The fish curry is highly suggested by locals. Kottu is a popular street food of Tamil origin with diced roti flatbread and typically egg, meat, vegetables and salad with a spicy sauce on the side. Make sure you try egg hoppers too. No doubt, Sri Lanka is very popular in its food and they welcome Americans to come to taste the amazing food. But they have tourist visa to Sri Lanka for us citizens to enter the country.  

Export and import

Export and import are one of the most central business sectors in Sri Lanka.  The country ranks 81st among the world’s largest export economies. The main exports to Sri Lanka include tea, lingerie, rubber, cinnamon, etc. And, its main imports are aeroplanes, helicopters and/or spacecraft. refined oil, automobiles, crude oil and soft rubber knitted fabric. If you are a US citizen as a business owner, you need a Sri Lanka visa for us citizens before entering the country. 

Rare land animals

Since Sri Lanka has 26 national parks and two marine parks and all over the world come here to visit animals The most well-known, Yala National Park, has the highest density of leopards in the world, 215 species of bird, mugger crocodiles and other reptiles, while the coastline bordering the park is a nesting spot for five species of sea turtle. Adjacent to Yala is Udawalawe National Park, home to herds of elephants and rare birds such as the changeable hawk-eagle and the serpent eagle. By applying Sri Lanka visa for Americans, you can visit the country and there is no much Sri Lanka visa for US citizens cost. 


In this article, the topic for the discussion is why Americans prefer to visit Sri Lanka. Here we mentioned a few reasons to answer it along with the commonly asked questions. Travelling to Sri Lanka from the US is possible when applying for a Sri Lanka tourist visa for us citizens. There are some important requirements then you will be able to apply for Sri Lanka visa for us citizens.