Why Do Holes Occur In Carpets? Repairing Tips

Holes in your carpet stand out like a sore thumb and are very annoying. It is very important to repair your carpet. If you leave your carpet untreated then it can spread the infestation around your home. The main reason behind the hole is heavy foot traffic, cuts, and furniture. So it’s important that immediately you restore the carpet to its attractive condition by repairing the holes. If there is any small hole in the carpet then insects enter through the hole and start eating the carpet. These insects are very harmful to the carpet as they create more holes. So if you don’t clean the rugs then the insects create a hole in every carpet in your room. If you want to protect the carpet from insects and want to increase the life of the carpet then hiring the best carpet repair service is very important. 

How To Repair The Hole In The Carpet:

  • Around the hole on the carpet is firstly outlined, depending on the shape of the carpet. With the help of a ruler, you can draw a straight line. Keep the distance of 1/2 inch between each line you draw around the hole. Draw the shape of a square and rectangle which is easy to follow.
  • Then replace the damaged carpet with the replacement piece of the carpet. You can choose the replacement piece from a sight location in a closet. Get a remnant that matches your carpet from a carpet store. To fit the exact measurement of the hole you cut out the replacement piece of carpet with a sharp utility knife.
  • The sharp utility knife and ruler easily cut the shape of the square and rectangle you drew. Avoid cutting through the carpet pad beneath the carpet. Under the hole, you can slide a piece of particleboard and plywood before you cut into the area rug.
  • So the piece you cut from the carpet places the replacement piece of carpet into the hole but make sure that it fits properly in the carpet otherwise you need another replacement piece. 
  • The replacement piece directs the nap in the rest of the carpet. To show the direction make an arrow on the underside of the replacement piece of carpet. If you want to line up its nap with the rest of the carpet then an arrow on the underside of the carpet showing the carpet direction is necessary. It’s necessary to draw the arrow on the replacement piece. Then remove the replacement piece.
  • Take a carpet tape and cut it into four separate lengths then fit according to the length of the carpet. Make sure that you position the tap under the carpet and the other half is outside the carpet. The sticky side should be up always and the backing is left. Draw a line onto the carpet by holding each piece of tape. 

You can follow all the above carpet repair tips to repair your carpet holes. You can also hire the Carpet Repair Melbourne for this task.


Press the replacement piece carefully so that it fits exactly into the carpet. With the help of a carpet, the tractor rolls it over the carpet. You can also place a heavy weight on the replacement part such as books or leave it overnight.