Which Type of Carpets You Should Get?

The versatility of carpets

Carpets provide your home with an aesthetic value like no other flooring option. They are incredibly versatile and you have countless options to choose from. Think of any colour and you can find a matching carpet.

Some even have designs and patterns hand embroidered on them. The options for material types are also vast, from natural fibres such as cotton and wool to man-made materials such as nylon and polypropylene.

You can find carpets matching every room in your home. A woollen carpet for your master bedroom while a synthetic carpet for your children’s room. One has to remember that it is not only the carpet but the fitting also that decides the final look of your home. Always get the best Carpet Fitters Preston for installing your carpets.

Carpets provide warmth and comfort

The soft touch of carpets under your feet is unrivalled. No other flooring option can offer this comfort. The luxurious feeling of a woollen carpet cannot be provided by hard floors. Floors can get cold during winters and hot during summers. Carpets will protect you from both.

Carpets are safe for your kids

Given the chance, children will play in any room without worrying about getting hurt. However, they will keep you on your toes and you will stay tense when they are playing on a hard floor.

However, if you have carpets in your rooms you can say goodbye to stress. Carpets will protect your children even if they fall. They are usually thick and you can even lie down and rest on them.

Noise reduction

Carpets are perfect for reducing noise. Noise caused by people walking or children jumping on the floor can be troubling if you live in a multiple-storey building. Fitting carpets in your home will reduce such sounds. Even if your children are jumping around or you are shifting furniture from one room to another, carpets will keep all such noise within a tolerable range.

Carpet types

Carpets have been around for centuries. They once graced the courts of kings and queens. There are countless varieties of carpets. They are divided into two basic types based on the type of material they are stitched from. These are:

  • Man-made or synthetic carpets.
  • Carpets made from natural fibres
  • Hybrid carpets are made from natural as well as man-made fibres.

Man-made or Synthetic carpets

Fibres such as nylon, polypropylene, and other plastics are all man-made. They have a wide application and many things are manufactured from them. Nylon carpets are very common and famous around the world.

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They are highly durable and much more affordable, although some varieties can be expensive. They do not offer the same softness and aesthetics of a woollen carpet but they do come in numerous designs and colours. 

Carpets made from natural fibres

Both wool and cotton are natural fibres and both happen to be used for stitching premium quality and luxurious carpets. The fact that they are natural fibres makes them eco-friendly. They are harmless for people and pets.

They do require more care than synthetic carpets but they also have a longer life span. They are much more expensive than synthetic fibres but the luxury and comfort they offer are value for money.

Hybrid carpets

Hybrid carpets are a romance between man-made and natural fibres. They are an attempt to get the best of both worlds. Various compositions of natural and man-made fibres are used to prepare them.

They provide you with the comfort of natural fibres and the resilience of synthetic ones. They cost more than carpets made from man-made fibres but much less than those entirely prepared from natural fibres. Regardless of which carpet you choose, remember to get Modern Tartan Carpet Chorley which are experts at fitting.

Pricing of carpets

Carpets are priced based on many factors. There might be a considerable price difference between carpets made from the same fibres. Let us look at some price determinants of carpets.

  • Carpets stitched from natural fibres will cost more than those stitched from man-made fibres.
  • Handmade carpets typically cost more than machine-made carpets.
  • A handmade and embroidered carpet will cost even more.
  • Designs and patterns on a carpet will increase the price.
  • Fibre arrangement i.e “Carpet Pile” will also influence the price.
  • Carpet grades are another price determinant.
  • The fitting cost will be higher than the price of the carpet because it will include labour cost, cost of underlayment, glue, etc.