What is Cash Advance and How Does It Work?

When confronted with an unforeseen crisis that is beyond your bank account constraints, the easiest option to come up with additional cash is by obtaining a cash advance on a credit or debit card. A cash advance is a short-term loan that you may borrow against the sum available on your credit card. While cash advances appear fast and convenient, they are actually highly pricey.

With a cash advance, you are lending the cash against your available credit. When you accept a cash advance, it is added to your credit card account and accrues interest until the time it is returned like purchases or cash advances. Grace periods normally do not apply to advance payment and the rate of interest for cash advances is greater than standard purchases.

What to Do When You Need a Cash Advance?

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Types of Cash Advances

Generally speaking, there are three forms of cash advances that are most often used. They’re:

Credit Card Cash Advances

Using your credit card, you may acquire a cash advance of up to 20% to 30% of your credit limit from several credit card companies. Within one to three billing cycles, you must pay back your short-term borrowing.

Merchant Cash Advances

A small company owner may use this form of cash advance to borrow money based on the results of previous sales and the likelihood of future sales occurring. This form of cash advance loan is more likely to be granted if your company has a fair amount of sales.

Payday Loans

It is common for individuals with weak credit ratings to take out iPaydayLoans, which are unsecured cash advances. Because of the shorter payback periods, it is simpler to pay the loan back without defaulting.

What Type of Things Do You Need to Apply for Cash Advance?

The following is required for loan application:

·       Driver’s license or government-issued ID

·       Identification cards that include social security numbers in a formal, official manner

·       There must be evidence of a steady source of income.

·       Maintaining a bank account

·       The phone number is valid and active.

·       Depending on the state, personal checks are necessary.

Why Cash Advance is so Expensive?

However, receiving a payday loan is the quickest and most convenient option to receive money in your bank account. This is due to the fact that it comes with a number of fees, including:

Cash Advance Fees:

Cash advances made with a credit card are subject to a charge. Chargebacks are assessed by your credit card company and are often based on a percentage of the advance.


Because there is no grace period, cash advances are quite costly because interest is immediately accrued when the money is withdrawn. On the other hand, the interest rates on purchases are much higher.

ATM Fees:

Owners of ATMs, banks, and other financial organizations may levy these fees when you take out a cash advance.

Advantages of Cash Advance

·       Unsecured loans, such as cash advances, do not need anything to be pledged as security for the loan.

·       A cash advance might come to your aid if you find yourself in a tight spot financially and are unable to wait until your next paycheck arrives.

·       Getting a cash advance is straightforward and doesn’t need any underwriting.

Disadvantages of Cash Advance

·       Compared to other forms of loans, a cash advance has a much higher annual percentage rate (APR).

·       No matter how much you borrow, you’ll almost always have to pay a charge up front when getting a cash advance.

·       Too many cash advances might have a negative influence on your credit rating.

·       Most credit card issuers don’t provide a grace period for cash advances, which means interest accrues right away on the transaction.

Alternative of Cash Advance

When faced with an unexpected financial crisis, only a cash advance should be regarded as an option. Because cash advances come with hefty interest rates, it’s best to look at other options that are less costly. You may want to think about the following options:

Personal Loans

It is possible to get a personal loan for numerous reasons, including debt consolidation and medical costs. Personal loans have lower interest rates than cash advances, making them a more attractive alternative.

Because of its reduced interest rate and set payments, it is a more appealing alternative, even if being authorized for it is tough for many reasons including a poor credit score.

Lending Money from Family or Friends

One option for a cash advance is borrowing money from relatives and friends. Because you won’t have to pay interest on the money you borrow, this is the most cost-effective alternative. In addition, since you know the lender personally, you may have fewer security concerns.

Overdrawing Your Account

Instead of getting a cash advance, you may use your debit card to overdraw from your checking account and avoid the fees. You won’t have to pay any interest on the overdrawn amount if you do this. You should verify with your bank before using this service since the costs are generally cheaper than cash advance rates.

Credit Card Promotional Offer

Installment loans are a new technique for credit card companies and banks to get their hands on your money. A fair rate of interest will still be levied to you. As an alternative to a cash advance, a promo credit card offer may provide a zero percent APR for a certain time. During this promotional time, you will not have to repay any interest on the money you borrowed. The interest rate will return to its standard level after the promotional period has expired.

A fantastic alternative, however, you should be aware that not all promotional deals are the same. Before taking advantage of any deal, be sure you’ve read the fine print and understand all of the terms and conditions.

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