The Top Video Game-Based Anime of the Last Decade

Video games and anime have a tight relationship that often results in the two of them visiting each other’s homes. Sometimes video games turn become anime, and other times anime turns into video games. A significant number of adaptations have been made in the last decade in an effort to turn the second column into a popular series while avoiding the mistakes of previous adaptations. So in this article, we will discuss The Top Video Game-Based Anime of the Last Decade.

Although many well-known anime shows are inspired by manga, which you can read via mangaowl.  Video games are also a big part of the anime culture. After all, without their original video games, Pokémon, Hedgehog, and Steins; Gate would still not exist. Other, less well-known anime include television shows based on video game series like Street Fighter and  Devil May Cry series.


Castlevania is an American Netflix production that takes place in a world filled with vampires, vamp hunters, and magicians. Such powers unite to restore equilibrium when Count Dracula causes chaos out of retaliation for the death of his wife. What happens next is a never-ending string of violent adventures.


Due to its immense popularity, Pokémon has influenced a lot of other aspects of popular culture. The anime, which made its debut in 1997, centers on 10-year-old Ash Ketchum who sets out on quests to track down, capture, and train the show’s namesake monsters. He gains various life lessons in the process of trying to become the greatest Pokémon master on the entire globe.

Digimon Adventure(7.3/10):

The original Digimon anime, Digimon Adventure, had youthful protagonists who look after “digital dinosaurs” in a manner reminiscent of Pokémon. Digimon’s monsters come from computer screens, in contrast to Pokémon’s monsters, which manifest in the natural world. They appear to live in the “Digital World,” a parallel realm.

Steins; Gate(8.8/10):

Steins; Gate is a cult favorite sci-fi and thriller anime that centers on uni student Okabe Rintarou and his companions as they discover a way to communicate with the past. The unlikely hero turns out to be the sole opportunity to equalize all timelines when his actions attract the notice of a malicious organization.

Sonic X(6.2/10):

This three-season sitcom, which starred Sonic the Hedgehog, highlighted the relationship between both the hedgehog sprinter and the young human Chris Thorndyke. Sonic gets used to life on Earth after being forced to leave his home planet by Doctor Eggman. Eventually, he and his other buddies with superpowers travel into space to battle an alien force.

Devil May Cry(7/10):

Although Devil May Cry is much more well-known as a video game series, it did inspire a brief anime series with only one season. The same-named television program stars the popular private eye Dante, who owns and operates a devil-hunting agency.

Dragon’s Dogma(5.8/10):

The warrior Ethan is out to defeat the dragon that stole his heart. But with each step in his pursuit of revenge, his internal demons are let loose. Fans of medieval fantasy will find ample action, and the protagonist’s psychological issues give him a realistic quality.

The whole plot of these anime adaptations may be included, or they may only feature game characters. When it comes to creating a fantastic video game film, the anime industry is miles ahead, producing one gorgeously produced video game animes after another. All of these can be viewed on streaming platforms such as Animixplay, Hulu, and Netflix.