Top Tips for a Flawless Mobile Spray Tan Experience

Embarking on a mobile spray tan in LA experience guarantees a radiant, sun-kissed glow, but mastering the process ensures a flawless outcome. Discover the top tips that will elevate your mobile spray tan experience, leaving you with a natural-looking and even tan.

Preparing for Your Mobile Spray Tan Session

  1. Exfoliate and Hydrate: Ensure your skin is exfoliated and moisturized adequately before the session to achieve an even tan application.
  2. Shaving and Waxing: Complete any shaving or waxing at least 24 hours before your appointment to prevent irritation or uneven tanning.
  3. Skip Lotions and Oils: Refrain from applying lotions or oils on the day of your spray tan as they can interfere with the tanning solution.

During Your Mobile Spray Tan Session

  1. Wear Appropriate Attire: Opt for loose, dark clothing to prevent any transfer of the tanning solution onto your garments.
  2. Follow Technician’s Instructions: Cooperate with the technician’s directives on body positioning and necessary protective gear for a seamless tan application.
  3. Opt for Customization: Communicate your preferred tan shade and any concerns to the technician for a tailored and natural-looking outcome.

Aftercare for Long-Lasting Results

  1. Wait Before Showering: Follow the recommended wait time before showering to allow the tanning solution to set for optimal results.
  2. Moisturize Regularly: Maintain your tan by moisturizing daily to extend its longevity.
  3. Avoid Chlorine and Excessive Sweating: Minimize exposure to chlorinated water and sweating, as they can fade the tan faster.

Enhancing Your Mobile Spray Tan Experience

  1. Choose a Reputable Service: Research and select a trusted and experienced mobile spray tan Los Angeles service provider to ensure quality results.
  2. Schedule Wisely: Plan your spray tan appointment well ahead of events or occasions to allow time for the tan to develop fully.
  3. Stay Confident: Embrace your new tan confidently, knowing that proper preparation and aftercare will result in a flawless and natural-looking glow.


A flawless mobile spray tan experience is easily attainable with proper preparation, during-session cooperation, and diligent aftercare. By adhering to these top tips, you can enjoy a beautifully bronzed look that complements your skin tone and leaves you feeling confident.