Top Breakfast Options to Ditch the Boring Old Eggs

Starting your day with a great breakfast is one of the best ways to feel energized. And bypassing the boring scrambled eggs is an achievement in itself. 

There is no denying the fact that eggs have made us all steer away from breakfast at some point. But it is an essential source of energy and beating the monotony can help you feel excited about it as well. From breakfast tacos to fruits and yogurt; there are various options that one can opt for. 

Let’s dig in the list that we have prepared for you. 


Foods that are rich in carbohydrates, turn into energy quickly. Thus, starting your day with a meal that offers you healthy carbs is a good decision to make. And oatmeal won’t disappoint you in this regard. 

For a long-lasting feeling of fullness, you can opt for oatmeal. It will not only give you a burst of energy but will further keep you feeling full for a long time, killing unnecessary cravings too. Oats are loaded with all the important minerals and vitamins, like copper, iron, zinc and folate etc. The fiber content is extremely healthy. Thus, having oatmeal, first thing in the morning, is a healthy choice to make. 


Although we are all done with eggs, they are a powerhouse of energy and healthy elements. One egg has around 75 calories only but is loaded with goodness and the exact energy that one needs, to start off their day in the right manner. You can change the way you eat eggs and get versatile with them. 

You can add vegetables to them, cheese omelet or have them boiled. Look for egg breakfast options and recipes to experiment a bit with them and kill the boredom. Having eggs at least once or twice per week is important for the human body. 

Greek Yogurt:

If you are someone who cannot put in effort for their breakfast, then Greek yogurt is a great consideration for you to make. It is a wonderful source of probiotics. These microorganisms are wonderful for your gut health and promote healthy digestion too. The best part about this is that you can add different fruits to it as well. 

Mix papaya, coconut, mango and apples etc. Do it and have a scrumptious and extremely healthy breakfast to start your day in the right direction. 


Avocado is an extremely healthy and wholesome food option. It contains folate, potassium, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and C. Find the right avocado recipes and you can enjoy a healthy, fulfilling and scrumptious meal for your day. They can be added on the toast and in your omelet as well.


Who said breakfast has to be boring? All it takes is a little thought and research to compile healthy and scrumptious breakfast recipes for yourself. To start your day in the right way and with full energy, you must have the best breakfast to stay productive throughout the day.