Tips to Remember for IELTS Preparation

IELTS Preparation

The International English Language Testing System is an extremely popular test which is also known as IELTS. Proving one’s skills in English is crucial for anyone who is planning to study abroad. Almost all countries and institutes require practical English skills as a part of daily proceedings. Here are mentioned some tips by IELTS coaching in Jaipur for students who want to study abroad.

Scoring adequate bands in the English language proficiency test is important for success. Hence, every effort should be towards enhancing your English language. There are few rules for preparing for IELTS.

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IELTS Preparation Tips

  1. The first rule is to talk as much as possible. The more you speak, the more you are going to brush up on your speaking skills. It shows your command of the language. Keep in mind not to go over the board. Do not repeat yourself just for the sake of talking, but try to speak as long as the conversation is interesting.
  2. The second rule is to talk more with the examiner. Try to make the examiner’s closed-ended questions open-ended by answering in 2-3 lines or more. This will build your confidence while speaking in the exam.
  3. Note down your weakness before appearing for the exam. Devote time to areas in which you face difficulty while reading.
  4. Managing time is extremely important while giving the exam. Reading passages will improve your proficiency in the language. There are forty questions in the exam, and you get one hour to answer all of them.
  5. Avoid Overwriting. Your main focus should be on quality instead of quantity, and so is the examiner’s. Overwriting would not help in scoring more marks so, It is best to avoid it.
  6. In the exam, the examiner checks your grammatical capabilities. Try to bring variation into your sentence structure. To obtain a higher band score, you should use simple and compound sentences.
  7. The writing exam is divided into two tasks. Try to complete task two because it bears more marks than task one. Also, make sure to finish the essay in less than forty minutes, as you would have time to revise before making a final submission. You should make following instructions while going through sample manuals a habit.
  8. Do not get nervous and try to sleep on time a night before taking the exam. Sleeping well would help you focus more on the exam.
  9. If you think you have made a mistake, do not hesitate to correct yourself. This would make the examiner look at you differently. He would know about your presence of mind and progress in the language.
  10. Some students feel that correcting themselves will alert the examiner, leading to a lower score. Actually, it is the other way around because correcting errors is a good thing. One very important step in the ladder of improving your English language skills is by practicing tools suggested by experts. It is an important test to be passed, but it is equally important not to get overwhelmed by it. Quality of preparation is of utmost importance. This article will help you to study abroad and sort your queries.

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