Tips to Choose Perfect Tap for Kitchen

There are kitchen Taps that can save water and energy, as well as some that include water purification functions which can give you a comfortable environment during your cooking time. When selecting the correct kitchen tap, several factors include category, installation, and additional functionality. So this article will give you some essential tips for choosing the perfect tap for your kitchen. 


Some categories for taps, like single or double handle mixer taps available. A single-handle tap has one handle for mixing water flow and temperature, whereas a double-handle tap has two handles for the same purpose. For added convenience, mixer taps can be equipped with a hand shower. 

This is great for rinsing vegetables and washing dishes. It is best to use a mixer tap with a high-accuracy mixing valve to save water.

Material Form and Holes

The material of your kitchen tap is critical since it determines its longevity and durability. While many kitchen taps are constructed of ceramic, plastic, glass, or composite materials, the most common are durable metals such as polished chrome, bronze, and satin nickel.

  • Chrome is the simplest to clean and is commonly used in industrial kitchens. It is a tad pricey, but the durability outweighs the cost. 
  • Nickel kitchen taps are available in various finishes, including brushed, stainless, and satin. It is a sturdy material, but it must be cleaned regularly because it is prone to watermarks and fingerprints. 
  • Bronze kitchen taps have a brownish tone and are commonly found in traditional house kitchens with a rustic feel. If you want bronze kitchen taps in your kitchen but have a limited budget, try obtaining a bronze kitchen tap with an epoxy coating surface.

Water and Energy Conservation Features

Knowing your kitchen tap water flow will help you save water. To prevent leaking from kitchen taps, take proper precautions such as repairing leaks as soon as possible and not keeping kitchen taps on while not in use.

Check the seals and valves to ensure they are in good working order to avoid leaks and water waste. If you have a double-handle tap, attempt to use only one handle at a time to save water and energy.

Instead of purchasing a new tap, replace the nozzle. If you want to replace your old kitchen tap to save water and energy, you can change the nozzle instead of purchasing a new kitchen tap.

Modern Trends

Modern technology advancements, for example, have introduced kitchen taps with sensors for hands-free actuation. Here are some recent kitchen tap trends.

  • Sensor-based remote control via an app loaded on your laptop or smartphone.
  • Touch motion sensors that regulate the flow and temperature of water simultaneously.
  • 4-in-1 taps: The 4-in-1 touch combines four standard water functions into a single quality kitchen tap. It provides regular hot and cold water and quick steaming hot and filtered cold water. 4-in-1 hot water tap is now very popular all over the world. 

Purchase the Best You Can Afford

Always test out numerous models before settling on a high-quality tap that is simple to use. Remember that taps are being used frequently, so rather than having to replace them in a few years, it’s usually worth spending a little more to assure excellent quality and lifespan.

Final Thought

Your kitchen tap’s function is crucial because everyone in your family will use it daily for various parts. You naturally want it to appear attractive, be high quality, last a long time, and meet your diverse needs.