Things To Do & See In Townsville and Magnetic Island

Down-to-earth Townsville, located in the dry tropics of northern Queensland, is the largest tropical city in Australia, with an annual average of over 320 sunny days. Although serving as the de facto regional capital, the downtown area exudes a great degree of visitor appeal. The area’s architecture provides some indication of this function. The Strand, a palm-lined boardwalk with a golden sand beach along Cleveland Bay, is the city’s crowning achievement and greatest source of local pride.

On the opposite side of Ross Creek is where the city’s port is located. You can go on a cruise that will take you to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Site, or you can take a twenty-minute ferry ride towards Magnetic Island. Magnetic Island is renowned for its beautiful bays, jungle excursions, and koalas in the wild. If you are wondering about going there anytime soon. Without any doubt, start planning, make singapore airlines bookings in any class, and save up to 60% off on every flight till the last minute. To assist you, here are some of the top things to do in Townsville are:

Visiting Magnetic Island for a Day

Magnetic Island, commonly referred to as “Maggie” by its residents, is located around five miles off the coast of Townsville and is considered a suburb of the city. This island lives up to its name by being rocky, and as a result, it attracts many day-trippers from the mainland due to its beautiful beaches, tranquil bays, and abundant wilderness areas. 


The Strand is a scenic promenade that stretches a total of 2.5 kilometers along the tranquil waters of Cleveland Bay. This promenade is an attraction for both tourists and locals. This is a great place to visit when you first arrive in town to experience the tropical vibe. Down the golden sand beach, coconuts wave in the breeze as the blue-green waters of the bay beckon. Across the horizon in the distance, Magnetic Island slowly crawls.

The top of Castle Hill

The most recognizable landmark in Townsville is Castle Hill, a 290-meter-tall pink granite monolith that offers stunning views in every direction from its summit. You may look inland over the jumble of farms and houses or out over the entire city and as far as Magnetic Island, which is visible beyond the coastline’s undulations. The hillside is strewn with hiking trails, and both visitors and locals routinely ascend them as part of their physical activity regimen. You have the choice to climb higher if you’re feeling very powerful.

Aquarium of the Great Barrier Reef at Reef HQ

If you are unable to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, which is on the list of sites protected by the United Nations World Heritage Committee, you can observe some of the inhabitants of the largest living coral reef aquarium in the world. Reef Headquarters is exposed to the elements and is home to over 150 distinct marine animal species, as well as a vast range of Great Barrier Reef-endemic hard and soft corals.

Trip for the day to the Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which is on the list of World Heritage Sites, is a major tourist destination, and Townsville is a popular departure point for trips to the reef. Once there, tourists can swim or dive alongside a vast assortment of marine life, such as sea turtles, reef sharks, stingrays, Maori wrasse, and a stunning array of coral reef fish.

Botanical Gardens

Townsville, which has a subtropical environment with abundant sunshine and wet seasons, is home to not one, but four beautiful gardens. This 25-hectare garden is comprised of palm trees, cycads, a notable collection of pandanus, and a tropical orchard. It also holds the distinction of being the city’s largest garden.

How to reach Townsville?

By air

Looking for flights to Townsville? Flying to Townsville is the quickest and most efficient way of transit accessible. Townsville International Airport is located 10 kilometers west of Townsville’s central business center. Many airlines travel there, including Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Alliance Airlines.

By train

Passengers can board trains bound for Townsville that depart either Brisbane or Cairns and originate in either city. Due to the country’s vast size, however, train travel can be a time-consuming endeavor due to the distances involved.

By road

Greyhound, the largest intercity bus company in the United States, offers inexpensive tickets to a variety of destinations across the country. Yet, travel time might be rather lengthy, similar to when traveling by rail.


The extraordinary outdoors at Jezzine Barracks highlight Townsville’s historic military and Native histories. These exhibits are set on the rosy-hued point that marks one end of this well-known walking circuit. So, plan your trip to Australia with AirlinesMap and have an unforgettable experience in the city.