The ultimate guide to a career in yoga

We usually see people struggling to bring stability between their work-life balances. This is due to the inefficiency in handling the stress. Many people are unable to achieve what they want due to this. Seeing this, many people have started learning and practicing yoga. Yoga has helped out many people to come out of stress and lead a good happy life. Yoga acts as a natural healing agent for thousands and lakhs of people around us. Giving a few minutes to yoga in the early morning or evening helps us in relieving stress and helps in managing everything efficiently.

Yoga is gaining popularity in all parts of the world. Also, from a career perspective, if your interest lies in yoga, you can build a successful career in it. The yoga industry has become one of the leading sectors in the world. People are understanding the importance of practicing yoga in their lives. This helps in creating a perfect balance between body and soul. Also, it helps to build connections with friends and family. Know that, yoga is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. You can easily start teaching yoga by doing 300 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Following are some of the jobs you can pursue after doing the yoga teacher training program:

  • Yoga teacher- After this program, you can be a yoga teacher. This is a high-position job and pays well. You can start from the instructor position and by gaining experience, you can become a professional yoga teacher.
  • Yoga instructor- You can start instructing yoga asana, positions and meditation.
  • Hybrid yoga instructor- In this modern world, a blend of different things is given preference by people. You can blend the art of doing Zumba, aerobics, dance etc with yoga. This will increase the interest of people and will willingly do it.
  • Yoga presenter- These days many people are doing good by teaching on social media platforms. With the help of online platforms, you can showcase your skills to millions of people around the world.

These career options will help you to grow in life. With increasingly hectic schedules, people are falling to practice yoga to ease their lives to an extent. You can easily become a yoga professional by doing a 200-hour, 300-hour, 500 hour or master teacher training program and start your successful career.

Following are some points explaining the yoga teacher training program:

  • Curriculum- The teacher training program will include techniques, training and practice of yoga, yoga poses, alignment, modifications, injury prevention, and static and dynamic versions of asana. It will also include Vinyasa Karma, Powerful Pranayama (Breathwork), Foundational Kundalini and Tantric Kriyas, meditation to different people based on their needs, Mantras and much more. Apart from this, it will also help with learning applied anatomy, physiology, and the energy body. This program will help you to dig into how to observe and see the bodies of their students. You will become an expert in yogic philosophy, and history and will learn about people’s lifestyles. You will practice teaching to individuals and then small groups.
  • Inclusions- People around the world do the 200-hour, 300-hour, 500 hour or master yoga teacher training programs anywhere in the world. After doing this program, you will be awarded certification which will help you to register with yoga alliance USA.
  • Eligibility- It has no such tough eligibility criteria to meet. It is important for the candidate to have an open mind and a good capacity to learn and grow in this field.
  • Courses and fees- To know about the courses and fees, you can visit the online platform of ‘Sattva Yoga Academy.’

So above are some of the insights into yoga teacher training programs or courses.