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There is so much discussion about concern with the preservation of the environment for some time. Regardless of size of our action, no matter how small our effort, we contribute to a more sustainable environment. Therefore, when it comes to construction, all stages, through small attitudes, can contribute to a conscious use of natural resources. Let’s talk today about sustainability of roof waterproofing in Pakistan and role of roof waterproofing company.

Sustainability and roof waterproofing company: How to combine them?

Like plumbing or electrical wiring in a building, seepage treatment is also behind floors and walls. But, roof insulation still plays a very important role in the building.

There are many actions of time or the use of inappropriate materials. It is a very common item to present defects and need repairs.

What few people seem to realize (due to the negligence in constructions when it comes to waterproofing)? Actually, well-made roof leakage waterproofing guarantees the longevity of the building, and is essential to avoid pathologies.

In this sense, by ensuring the longevity of the building, roof waterproofing services DHA are great ally of sustainability. This is because we preserve the natural resources in the construction of the building.

But then, is all waterproofing services in Islamabad sustainable? It’s not like that…

In the vast majority of cases, waterproofing fails and infiltrations appear. The only possible repair is to replace the waterproofing layer.

So, when you have traditional waterproofing services in Lahore, this exchange is only possible if you break entire roof covering. It can generate a significant volume of rubble.

In addition, for the application of a new blanket, it will need to use adhesives derived from petroleum, and fire. Most people use LPG, is also from petroleum, as fuel.

You may need to redo the procedure many times during the life of a building. It will also need the use of petroleum derivatives many times. At the end, you will have a lot new rubble.

Therefore, the use of non-renewable energy is present in 100% of this operation, putting this method against sustainability.

You must be wondering: is there sustainable waterproofing?

The answer is yes!

The Roof Power applies roof leakage treatment directly to the existing roof, eliminating the need for breakage or demolition.

With this, there is no generation of large amounts of rubble, which in itself makes it extremely sustainable.

The system consists of a high performance polyester membrane with a thickness that usually varies between 3 and 5 mm.

As there is no need for any type of breaker, the application is faster. And there is no need to build beds.

Another important aspect is durability. It includes the longer the waterproofing, protecting the building, the less need for maintenance.

Roof Power is so confident in its product and in its skilled waterproofing specialist team. It guarantees warehouse waterproofing for 15 years. Call us today at Roofpowerpakistan

Waterproofing is also sustainable when it is able, for example, to support a green slab on its surface.

What stands out most about it is the savings by cooling the environment on hot days. The internal temperature naturally reduces, thus requiring less air conditioning.

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