Six Non-Obvious Ways to Increase Facebook Sales

Many people are unaware that there are plenty of options to advertise on Facebook other than posting on their company page or running simple ads. (followers on facebook)  For creative, intelligent marketers, Facebook is a powerhouse of opportunities waiting to be exploited. To fully profit from these opportunities, you must think outside the box and utilize Facebook to the extent that very few marketers do. Click Here

how to sell your Facebook products

We’ll discuss six ways you can use Facebook to boost sales. In conjunction with a robust paid-search campaign, These strategies could completely alter how you use Facebook for marketing and selling.

1: Sell Products directly through Shopify

Did you know that you could sell directly by importing your items into Facebook? If you don’t yet have a Shopify shop, you may want to sign up because it provides easy integration to Facebook. With just a few clicks of an icon, you’ll place your entire store to sell on Facebook.

It’s not just a website that allows online sales. Your followers will not only be able to purchase from you, but they also practically become an integral part of the marketing staff with comments, likes, and shares.

To fully appreciate the direct sales component, Let’s look at Shopify’s connection with Facebook. Shopify is the powerhouse for over 300,000 businesses. This partnership allows you to create your own online shop and modify it immediately. If you’re already used to using Facebook, then the Shopify adaption to Facebook will be even more straightforward. There’s no learning curve regarding your marketing strategies, tracking, or even knowing your target market.

The most straightforward and obvious way to begin making money from the value your Facebook presence.Get more followers on facebook

#2: Use Facebook to Capture Visitors, Then Remarket to Them

Facebook is a great tool to use as a first-touch attribute tool, which allows you to draw attention, and then you can use other strategies like email marketing or remarketing to close the sale.

Some people may not be inclined to click through to your website when they think you’re trying to make them buy something. But, if you direct your visitors to a humorous video or an interesting article, they might be delighted to click through. When they arrive on your website, at the very least, you’ll be able to record their cookie so that you can remarket to them for up to 90 days, attempting to keep them on your list as customers over time so that they’re more comfortable to your company’s name.

Amplification of content through Facebook

With the “Top of the Funnel” method, you have numerous opportunities to market your business to everyone who even has a slight interest in the product you offer or services. Take a look. If you display an advertisement for your product and they aren’t interested at the moment, they’ll not click on it, and the advertising opportunity will end there. If you employ a soft sales approach and offer them an easy method of connecting to your website, You can promote your product to them by Remarketing.

It is possible to create a marketing campaign that gradually intensifies the sale. It starts by creating interest, giving the prospect an offer, and finally making them a blowout offer that they won’t be able to resist. Then you’ve turned a person enjoying themselves into a potential client. Read more

#3: Combine Facebook & Email Marketing

In the same way, you utilize Facebook and Remarketing; you can also use Facebook and Email Marketing. Give them something valuable (using a Facebook lead generation advertisement) which will entice people to join the email newsletter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free trial offer, product, or an app for free. The goal is to collect their email addresses.

When they’re on your mailing list and are a favorable impression of your company and your brand, you can offer them periodic newsletters and offers in time. Once they’re a subscriber, you’ve increased the likelihood of making a sale.

#4: Employ Scrolling Images

Everyone enjoys a slide presentation. Okay, so it’s dependent on the content you’re showing. The scrolling ads could show different ads on one screen, showing multiple items and keeping your customer interested. It also allows you to indicate different alternatives for the same product, including different colors of the same product.

It is possible to go back to school and create your gif. However, Facebook provides a more advanced option known as “Carousel Format. “Carousel Format” ad lets you “show 3-5 images and videos, headlines and links or calls to action in a single ad unit.”

Facebook carousel ads for sales

Find out more details about this as well as other Facebook ads here.

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#5: Use Short (15-20 Second) Video Ads

This year, Facebook updated its algorithm to prioritize videos. Do you frequently develop infographics for your website? Do you have custom images? Find an animator who can create a video from these animations. Upload the videos to Facebook. You can then amplify those videos by using Facebook ads to boost the reach of your ads.

Make sure you redirect them to the landing page of your website so that you can collect their email address or even a cookie. A lot of companies lack the bandwidth or resources to make videos. If you can develop a cost-effective, easy method of creating promoted videos on Facebook, You will get an advantage over your competitors.

Remember, shorter videos get more views.

#6: Live stream on Facebook

Another option for videos can be found on Facebook Live Videos, their version of Periscope. It’s one of the most simple tools to record and share the video while it’s being recorded. An email with the live feed will be sent to your followers as soon as the recording starts, meaning it will be liked and shared as you broadcast.

Once the recording is completed, it is converted into a Facebook post with the format of an unrecorded video that includes the heading “Recorded Live.” If you own already created a YouTube channel on YouTube, then you have the opportunity to cross-promote your channel by uploading the video you just made.

Econsultancy recently released ten groundbreaking examples of companies using Facebook Live videos. For instance, Chevrolet used it to Livestream their announcement of a new electric vehicle: “Product launches are a great use case for live streaming, where super fans can get the scoop before anyone else.”

Facebook live video example

Business Insider took the image.

Given its market share and the growing array of tailored tools for businesses, Facebook is a serious competitor when it comes to the ability to increase sales through social media. So, dive in and watch your company grow!

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