Significant Features Of Kingdom Valley Islamabad General Block


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a spectacular boost to the twin cities’ property investment market since it is affordable. The builders of this civilization want to give a middle or lower-socio-economic group a high-end livelihood. The NPHS collaborated in the planning and development of The Kingdom Valley.

As a result, investors have a fantastic opportunity to buy an increased commodity at a cheap rate that will increase in value over time. The idea is now in its early phases, and its architects are putting their best effort into providing excellence at a fair price.

Since recent significant projects have begun at the work site, the community includes dwelling and corporate plot files in convenient instalments. Despite the affordable rates, Kingdom Valley Islamabad has prepared to fulfil modern norms by adding cutting-edge advanced technologies for a pleasant living environment.

Kingdom Valley General block

Kingdom Valley General Block has all the services and conveniences a resident may expect in their new neighbourhood. Additionally, its inexpensive costs and instalment plan make it possible for all socioeconomic classes to purchase a luxury home in twin cities. The general portion of the housing project gives residents just the accommodation properties.

Significant Features Of General Block

The team of professionals has built this entire exceptional Society. However, the developers have constructed mainly the Kingdom Valley General Block to satisfy the accommodation needs of the buyers. This block contains all the community services necessary for the premium housing initiative. Some of the significant features of the block had discussed in detail.

Recognized  Developers

The Kingdom Group is the firm that owns the General bloc of the kingdom valley. At Kingdom Group, Ghulam Hussain Shahid serves as chairman of the company. The business had founded in Lahore, where it has been working on significant growth initiatives for the past twenty years. the firm has used its decade of knowledge and necessary knowledge to put the concept into action. As a result, it tries to provide the finest living space for twin city inhabitants at meagre costs.

Ultimate Locality

The general block has situated close to the Chakri Junction on the Motorway on the Dehri Town Highway. The justification is that the area provides a sense of stability and it is very close to daily necessities like utilities. Therefore, before conducting business, people must confirm that the place is reachable from the capital’s key locations. The development region has situated at a prime location adjacent to Islamabad.

Access Points

  • Ten  minutes from Cadet College of Rawalpindi
  • Four  km  from the Chakri Junction
  • Five km  from the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Lane
  • Five km from M2 Motorway at  Thalian Junction


NPHS has issued a legitimate NOC to Society, thus the General block.  Although the RDA has not yet given its NOC, investing in Society is generally safe. Regarding PHATA’s issuing the NOC, the construction phase has already started. 

Astonishing Layout

Community services and accommodations are readily available in the domestic sector. In addition, different-sized plots are offered depending on the needs and economic resources of the household. As a result, the general block makes it completely practical for the inhabitants to live there, and the neighbourhood provides a convenient payment schedule.

  • Residential plots of  Four, Five, Eight and Ten-Marlas and also One-Kanal
  • Commercial properties of  Two, Four and Eight-Marlas

Affordable Prices

The project provides many properties with a very reasonable payment schedule in instamlen ts.The full four-year y payment schedule consists of flexible forty monthly instalments and Eight biannual instalments. Additionally, consumers pay a deposit based on the property’s dimension and a specified price when casting their ballot.

Kingdom Valley General Block Payment Plan Plot Financing Strategy

Following are the prices of residential plots available according to Kingdom Valley General Block Payment plan.

  • The 4-Marla total price is Rs 8,750,000/- with deposit of  Rs 105,000/-
  • The 5-Marla total price is Rs 1,245,000/- with deposit of Rs 125,000/-
  • The 8-Marla total price is Rs 1,850,000/- with deposit of Rs 185,000/-
  • The 10-Marla total price is Rs 2,150,000/- with deposit of Rs 215,000/-
  • The 1-Kanal total price is Rs 3,500,000/- with deposit of Rs 350,000/-

Commercial Plot Financing Strategy

  • The 2-Marla total price is Rs 2,200,000/- with deposit of  Rs 300,000/-
  • The 4-Marla total price is Rs 4,500,000/- with deposit of  Rs 650,000/-
  • The 8-Marla total price is Rs 8,500,000/- with deposit of  Rs 1,200,000/-

Provision Of Essentials

One of the most fantastic services has a continuous source of commodities like power, gas, and freshwater. The service has available around the clock. Additionally, there is a sound drainage system and waste removal system. Additionally, the dwelling society’s creators include an underneath structured cabling system that guarantees there won’t be any power loss issues.

Theme Parks

Families need to have pleasure and engage in leisure activities. Therefore, the inhabitants’ amusement park serves as yet another excellent amenity of this cheap housing community. The theme park offers exciting swings, slides, sliding, and various other entertaining fun and pleasure.

Top-Notch Infrastructure

The architecture of the entire block is improving tremendously. Additionally, the construction ensures walkways, pavement, planned premises, and other fundamental structures had developed using high-tech competence and splitting innovations to guarantee the best possible growth. Additionally, the involvement of a professional team enables the development of infrastructure. While the designs are still in the creation and construction stages, they provide a dynamic gated neighbourhood.

Jamia Masjids 

A vital aspect of everyone’s existence is spiritual devotion. Additionally, the occupants of this housing development have access to large, elegant Masjids where they can pray quietly. There are tiny Masjid in each block sector, the most prominent Mosque in the middle of the community. TheMmosque is a work of art in terms of architecture or can accommodate numerous worshipers at once.

Finest Schooling & Medical Services

The establishment of prestigious schooling is a function of Society. Additionally, it provides the best education possible close to the inhabitant. This house plan is ideal since there are excellent medical facilities close to the neighbourhood, like clinics and hospitals. The centres and hospitals also use cutting-edge equipment and highly skilled healthcare personnel, including physicians and nurses.


For individuals looking to invest in a significant residential development, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad General Block represents an unquestionably beneficial prospect. The initiative is trustworthy and exciting because of the NPHP’s involvement. Without question, the initiative will continue to be a significant success in the years to come.