Planning Top-Class UX for your Website? Consider Research!

Websites are meant to serve specific purposes. Everything else is secondary! The purpose for which the user visits the website should be fulfilled without any problems or hurdles. And this brings us to user experience. UX or user experience refers to the ease and comfort users enjoy when they visit the website in quest of product or service-specific information. As your Long Island web design company will tell you, like any other initiative, enhancing the user experience of a website must also begin with thorough and comprehensive research.

Research Involved in Enhancing User Experience

The right question to ask yourself before even thinking of improving user experience is, “who is it for?” You need to start by knowing the audience first! You should know exactly who will visit your website or who will actually use your app. Once you have clarity on this, you can actually sit down and draw things out. There should be a complete user experience research plan in place. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself include:

  • What exactly would your users like?
  • Are the needs of these users being met?
  • What can your website or mobile interface give them that they aren’t getting elsewhere?
  • How will your offering be superior to your competitors?

A great user experience is a significant competitive advantage. But before you can provide this advantage, it is important to plan how you would be conducting the process of understanding what the users actually need.

Research Does not Need to be Pricey

Just because extensive research has to be conducted does not mean loads of money has to be spent on them. It is all about asking a few questions that matter and working based on the responses received. For instance, if you are creating a web page or a mobile application, you can arrive at your target audience profile by asking questions like

  • What are the demographic features of your target? Women above 40? Parents, students, children, professionals?
  • What are the interests you are targeting? Are they volunteers, gamers, foodies, travelers, musicians, or fashionistas?
  • What are the services, applications, or products they are using already? What are the reviews on social media or app stores are they giving on other such goods and services? How do these creators respond to such reviews? What can one do better by picking a lesson or two from them?

As reputed SEO services near me would re-emphasize, you need to learn more about target audiences using statistics, polling, surveys, and also resorting to Google. Creating experiences that people want is much easier than creating experiences first and then making people like them. Bracing yourself to stalk your preferred audience profiles is a good idea.

Once your research has been completed, you will be better placed to create strategies, plan website designs, and link navigation.

For a smooth ride, consider choosing an experienced and reputed service provider for SEO in Ronkonkoma, NY. Remember, a carefully crafted plan is a precursor to success.