Normalize Using the Folding Chair in These Five Public Spots

Before you start reading this article, answer these questions. Do you feel unbearable pain in your legs while shopping in a market? Have you ever suffered while standing in front of a long queue of train or bus tickets? Yes, then you are one of us crazy masochists. We all have gone through this pain and hate it, then why not carry a folding chair to these places and stop agonizing our bodies with this pain. At least we don’t deserve to feel pain in these five places where we are spending our money, in some way or other.

Many people want to carry a folding chair with them but are scared of what people might say. So if you want to change this norm of society, then find out why you should not feel guilty about it in this article.  

A Shopping complex or mall

wooden folding chair

Most people feel judgemental eyes on them when they carry a metal folding chair in a mall. Feeling scared of judgment is human nature, but think about it this way. Technically every shopping mall should have a comfortable seating arrangement for the shoppers. However, due to their inadequate seating arrangement, we are the people who suffer. So, thinking about ourselves and our family is another trait of human nature. We all should start carrying foldable chairs into a shopping mall and use them for our family and ourselves when required. With a comfortable folding chair, you can shop and watch your family sitting peacefully in that chair. Maybe, it will be a new normal to bring a foldable chair into malls.

Government offices and courts

foldable chairs for home

Another public place known for long queues of people is a government office. If you visit an Indian government office, you will encounter people sitting on the floor, standing for hours in a single line, and some of them will even faint if the temperature is high. It is better to carry a comfortable folding chair and sit when it’s painful to stand than to get hurt. Everyone should buy a camping chair and transport it around in government offices such as a court, license offices, Government hospitals, etc.,

Restaurant or cafe

foldable chair for home

Many restaurants and cafes have a long waiting list, and due to their popularity of that place, we choose to stick around and have a meal. It is common in metro cities, such as Bangalore and Mumbai. However, their seating is limited based on the people on the waiting list; some get the seats, and other people stand around and destroy their evening. Carrying a wooden, plastic, or metal-based foldable chair is something that can save your evening and give you a place to sit and wait. Instead, why not place a folding dining table and chair in the park and have a perfect meal in that romantic setting.

Religious holy places

folding chairs for home

In India, you can spot a religious place from a distance; because of the traffic and crowded people outside it. If you are a spiritual person who stands in a long queue at the temple, mosque, or church for hours, you should buy a small folding chair today. These chairs will solve your purpose of being present in the religious place and will protect your body from getting pain.


Visiting the zoo with your kids and family can be exhausting and trying, as there are limited places to sit. Imagine this you enter a zoo with your whole family. In a few minutes, the kids of your family start crying and sitting on the floor one by one; because their legs are hurting. To stop their tantrums, you agree to carry them around. After bearing them in your hands for an hour, you become the weeper. The best solution for this problem is to take a foldable chair where you can place your kids to watch the lion and enjoy with everyone.  

It is not about why people should carry a folding chair and table when they are healthy enough to walk. This article is about why people with concerns, such as older people who cannot walk for a long time, children who exhaust frequently, and people with Parkinson’s, heart disease, and other issues. These people should be able to walk freely, with the knowledge and comfort of getting a seat when needed. A folding chair should be a companion of such people without fearing judgment. So if you feel the same, buy your portable small folding chair now.