Must-Have Android Apps For Every Android Smartphone User

It is possible to find millions of apps on the Google Play Store. It can be overwhelming to find the best. There are many options available, whether you’re looking for a weather app or a tool to boost your productivity. We spent hours researching the best Android apps and put them all together into one list.

10 Must-Have Apps for Android

Solid Explorer

For many decades, file managers and file explorers are a common feature on smartphones. Although initially only for power users, file managers have gained popularity due to Android’s openness. Google’s File Manager is available within the ‘Files app. However, many third-party file managers are also available. Solid Explorer is the best.


Before we get to Opera, let’s address the elephant in a room. Google Chrome for Android is the most used browser among Android users. It is so common that it is almost unnecessary to include it in a list. This browser is our choice for the best Android browser, other than Google Chrome. Opera is an established browser and Opera for Android has a lot of features.

Cinema HD

Sometimes life can be unfair, and when that happens we need to spend our time watching movies. Having a good streaming app on your phone can be difficult if you do not have the money to pay for the high subscription fees. You can now watch movies and TV shows for free with Cinema APK. You can watch a wide variety of movies and shows on this app, which has a huge library.

Sophos Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X, an award-winning anti-malware and antivirus tool has consistently achieved a 100% protection score in AVTEST’s analysis of top Android security apps. This app is free and offers many features, including Malware protection, Web filtering, link checking, app protection, WiFisecurty, and Privacy advisories. It claims that it does all of this without adversely impacting your phone’s battery life.


WhatsApp is not popular in the USA and has many issues. It is, however, the most used messaging app on earth, with over 2 billion users. We can’t help but award the title of best messenger app to WhatsApp, considering the global nature of this website. There are many alternatives if WhatsApp is not your favorite.

Google Maps

It may be something you love or hate, but Google Maps is undoubtedly the most widely used and popular maps app in the world. Although not being promoted as an offline map app, Google Maps has a useful offline feature that allows you to download data for specific regions well in advance via your WiFi connection. There are many other offline map apps that offer more features.

Showbox Video Editor

The Showbox video editor lets you edit videos from anywhere using a web browser. Using the Showbox video editor, you can easily add transitions, special effects, text, and sound effects. This app is packed with powerful tools that are simple to use. It runs smoothly and has an easy interface.

Google Camera

Google Camera, the official camera app for Android smartphones by Google, is as you may have guessed. Although not as feature-rich as other downloadable apps for cameras, the app can still meet the needs of most smartphone users. Google Camera also includes photospheres, lens blur mode, and Night Sight mode. The list of supported features will vary depending on the handset that you use.


Google’s Snapseed is a powerful, professional-grade photo editing software. It consistently ranks high on best-selling lists for photography apps. You will love its 29 filters and tools, as well as many other features that professional and amateur photographers alike will enjoy. Snapseed offers all of these features free of charge! We hope that Snapseed will continue to be free for future users!


Tinder claims that it has made more than 30 billion matches so far. This is insane considering that there are only 8 billion people on the planet. This is the most downloaded dating app, with over 100 million downloads. Dating apps need to have a large user base to function effectively. We believe Tinder is the best option based on sheer numbers.