Multi-channel Patient Care with the Health at the Home platform

The Pcnok (Patient Care Network) solution allows management, coordination and setting up of a set of digital services for prevention and remote assistance alongside patient care. Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is in high demand for the reason that it offers the integration with wearable devices to chatbots and apps, simplifying the management of services in support of families to treat (and take care) of the elderly, chronically ill as well as frail people.

Health at Home serves as a multi-channel platform 

Patient Care Network supports healthcare personnel in defining care plans and also ensures that it’s easier to interact with patients on multiple channels, including video calls, SMS, telephone, Chabot, app, and email. The entire system assists a lot with the detection of clinical parameters remotely by means of medical devices. The system encourages teleconsultation between health professionals. Also, it assists with creating and managing monitoring operations centers. There are guaranteed remote monitoring and remote assistance projects that work with PCNOK as a technological partner. Home Patient Care Network assisted the Covid-19 patients in fiduciary isolation. Also, it works on the principle of SOS Smart Ostomy Support, Connected Care for the remote care of the patient.

Patient Care Network solutions for offering support to the elderly

The system works with a direct connection with one’s family network and health care; that being said, the Patient Care Network serves as a valuable tool for assisting the elderly. It’s worth noting that Senior Citizens often live alone; in addition to that, they have chronic illnesses and limitations in daily activities. In this regard, it can be stated that The interconnection between intelligent objects and multi-channel communication, including app, chatbot, text message, and video call, guarantees monitoring and facilitate communication, with a timely warning in the cases of fall or unpleasant circumstances.

There are numerous technologies useful to ensure the safety of the elderly in daily life management, and in this regard, it can be stated that the Patient Care Network serves as a solution designed specifically to support fragile people in the event of falls or sudden illness. That being said, it works as a life-saving system. Pcnok system, explicitly designed for the safety of people even during normal daily activities, sends out alerts in case of emergency, allowing you to ask for help and activate your network of family and friends.

It has numerous positive effects, guaranteeing total safety also when there is an emergency.

Final words

Pcnok is highly beneficial for the reason that it improves the quality of life of the elderly as well as the family members intending to take care of them also in the case of a shortage of time. The system allows sending emergency calls and messages to contacts previously entered in the Address Book. So use it to get the range of benefits.

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