Is HubSpot Really Free?

HubSpot is a free CRM platform for every type and size of business that will improve business operations. We all know that for most businesses, customers and prospects are the most important factors. HubSpot CRM will help your business efficiently communicate with potential customers. It will help out the business to drive new sales of the business. Moreover, it will also help out businesses to get in touch with new and old customers. Almost everyone wants to know is HubSpot really free? This question we will clear with you in the same discussion and you will get a complete idea about it. If you are not familiar with HubSpot CRM, you will get the basics about it in this article.

Is HubSpot Really Free?

Almost every business wants to acquire its leads by investing as little as possible in lead generation. HubSpot CRM is the one of the best solutions for every type and size of business. In a short period, HubSpot grabs the attention of marketers towards it. It has allowed enterprises to convert anonymous visitors into qualified leads and also into promoters. With a free version of the HubSpot CRM, users can store millions of contacts in the database.

This platform is quite different from an ordinary CRM and it is a cloud-based solution for the enterprise. You can give access to anyone in your team to manage the database. Here is a complete detail of free HubSpot CRM features. You can better decide if adopting this platform is really effective for your organization or not.

Free HubSpot Features

Here is a detailed list of free HubSpot features for marketers to understand its efficiency in detail.

·         Content management

·         The ability to store companies that are associated with your contacts

·         Gives ability to store and track sales deals

·         The ability to track contact website activity

·         Gmail or Outlook integration

·         Limited sales productivity tools (like email scheduling, tickets, and meeting scheduling)

·         Access to email tracking, templates, and canned snippets

·         Access to calling

·         Get Access to third-party integrations through the App Marketplace

·         Forms to capture leads throughout your site

·         Live chat and basic chatbots that can be embedded on your website

All of these features are the best features to start inbound marketing and inbound sales for the organizations. There is also a limit to using these tools. Do you want to know about these limitations? Read this article till the end to know about these limitations.

What Are the Limitations of HubSpot CRM?

There are limitations in HubSpot CRM and they are not in a way that may affect overall. Most people may consider these limitations in a sense of a premium version. You are free to choose a plan for your organization as per its requirement and need. For this purpose, you have to contact professional HubSpot experts and they will guide and help you in this regard.

 They will better guide you on the limitations according to the use of the tools for your business needs. Overall, HubSpot CRM is a perfect platform that will put together all of your team members on the same page. Everything related to your business will be clear in front of you with the help and support of the HubSpot CRM platform.

What HubSpot CRM Package is Perfect for Your Organization?

This way you can better consult with HubSpot CRM service providers. The best thing we will suggest to you here’s to arrange a time for a meeting with the experts. Share everything related to your business with these professionals. They will better guide you through the whole plans of HubSpot CRM according to the demand of your business.

They better understand this thing and they will perfectly guide you to the plan that will be perfect for your organization. Feel free to find out the professionals around you to get this advanced feature for your business today. All of your business operations will get the perfect direction and you can better control all these. Just you need to have an internet browser to get access to your database. Anyone from anywhere can control HubSpot CRM and business professionals can make quick decisions for their business. This is the best time to get this intelligent CRM option for your business to improve business operations.