Importance Of Independent Medical Opinion For Veterans

Independent medical opinion plays an essential role in the approval of your VA claim. And this is why consulting experienced and licensed medical practitioners are always the better option than just trusting the VA doctors. K&D Veteran medical assessment has a highly qualified and highly experienced team of medical specialists and allied health professionals. With the help of our medical experts, Veterans can easily acquire an independent medical opinion for veterans (VA IMO) to support their claim, particularly if a C&P exam did not fully assess their level of disability. Veterans should be aware that private practitioners are independent of VA. This is why independent licensed medical experts are always a better option because they can be more objective in their judgments. You can know more about disability benefits and legal measures through the source of veterans lawyer.

When to Get an Independent Medical Opinion?

A VA examiner frequently ignores specific plausible causes of an illness while concentrating on one or two others. Although this makes the examination insufficient, the battle to get an adequate examination may be challenging. Years will pass while a claim is appealed to the Board once and sent back on remand; even then, there is no assurance that it will receive an approval. This is when you’ll know for sure that you need an independent medical opinion (IMO). 

Reasons for Getting an Independent Medical Opinion (IMO)

When the claim is not sufficiently supported for the VA to offer an examination, it may be most crucial to obtain an independent medical opinion. While a Veteran may typically support their case with non-medical testimony regarding their symptoms, getting an examination without a diagnosis can occasionally be very challenging. Again, the Veteran may protest the VA’s refusal to do an examination, but this is a difficult battle that is not always successful. 

Giving the VA a positive examination helps the claim get going. It can offer a diagnosis, establish a connection between the diagnosis and the service, and occasionally be sufficient to connect the service based on the medical opinion justifiably. Even if the independent medical opinion concludes that service connection is not viable, it might prompt the VA to act in the Veteran’s best interest by arranging another exam or requesting records as necessary.

How are Independent Medical Opinions Beneficial for Veterans?

Instead of a general practitioner from the VA, independent medical opinions are completed by medical experts who specialize in your particular medical condition/issue. The independent medical opinions are unbiased and precise. KDVMA’s experts are able to explain the condition’s causes and severity in greater detail and more accurately. 

Veterans may feel that the independent medical doctors’ opinions are more objective because they are independent of the VA’s biased opinions. This is why getting independent medical opinions is always beneficial for veterans who want to get their VA benefits claim accepted without any sort of hassle or time waste. 

Why choose KDVMA?

We at KDVMA are here to assist you with every step in your VA benefits claim. KDVMA’s medical practitioners are highly experienced and are well aware of the VA system. This is why we have been able to help hundreds of veterans get their well-deserved medical benefits. 

Our experts will provide you with an accurate and closely observed independent medical opinion (IMO) that will make your VA claim approval smoother and faster. To make your VA claim application as hassle-free and quick as possible, schedule an appointment with one of our experts. Call us today at 678-349-1816 or visit our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.