How to Recognize A Broken Sewer Line

How Can I Tell If I Need to Replace My Sewer Line?

Unfortunately, until there is an issue, most of us don’t consider our plumbing system. For instance, consider your sewer line. While you are grateful for yours, you would prefer not to worry about it.

Whether you like it or not, your sewage line will eventually break, and you will need to either fix it or replace it. Particularly if your home has old clay or cast iron sewer lines, this may be the case. Get Trenchless Pipe Repair for sewer line repair

  • Your Pipes Appear to be Filling Up All the Time

One of the most typical indications that a sewage pipe is damaged is this. Your pipes will not clear themselves, no matter what you do or how often you attempt to do so. You could have a broken sewage line if this is occurring to you.

  • Your Home Has a Sewer-Like Odour

Except for the vent stacks on the roof, your sanitary sewer is supposed to be airtight, so you shouldn’t be able to smell anything coming from it. A sewer repair expert must be contacted if you smell sewer gas because this indicates that there is a problem.

  • Green Patches In Your Yard

Your wastewater contains primarily organic fertilizer in the form of waste, particularly toilet waste. If your sewer line develops an underground leak, sewage will seep through the ground and provide nutrients for the grass in your yard. 

You most likely have a leaky sewage line if one area of your yard has grass that is greener and healthier than other areas. If not fixed, these kinds of leaks, which typically begin as slow leaks, are likely to get bigger. Get trenchless pipe repair for sewer line repair.

  • Foundational Fissures

A gap may form beneath your foundation if the main sewer line running beneath it begins to leak and the issue is not discovered and treated promptly. Foundations can fracture for a variety of causes. 

The void may result in major issues including the home shifting, the foundation cracking, and even the formation of a sinkhole. Sewer leaks under concrete slabs, as I previously indicated, are often highly expensive to repair, but you should do so as soon as you find one.

  • Infestation Of Rodents and Insects

You most certainly have an issue with your sewer/drainage systems if rats and drain flies start to invade your home all of a sudden. Due to the water’s ability to provide food, rats and drain flies flourish in sewage lines. 

Rats and drain flies can be a threat because they reproduce quickly and are impervious to insecticides and rodenticides. They will always be there on your property as long as your sewer line continues to leak sewage.

Rats, drain flies, and cockroaches are the most frequent pests that will be drawn to waste leaking from your sewer line, though there are many other insects and rodents as well.


You will want the help of a qualified plumber to resolve the issue if your sewage line is cracked. When they arrive, the plumber will present you with 2 alternatives. They will suggest performing a trenchless pipe repair or excavating a trench around the Sewer Line Repair and replacing the damaged pipes.